20 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Hairy

Are you tired of feeling awkward or embarrassed when someone points out your hairiness? You’re not alone! Many people face comments about their body hair, but it’s all about how you respond that can turn the situation from awkward to empowering.

In this article, we’ll explore 20 clever and confident ways to reply when someone calls you hairy, ensuring you’re always ready with a response that’s both witty and dignified.

What to Say When Someone Calls You Hairy

what to say when someone calls you hairy

Let’s dive in and turn those potentially uncomfortable moments into opportunities for humor, self-acceptance, or even to educate.

1. Thank you, I’m quite proud of it!

This reply is perfect for showing confidence and flipping the script on the comment. It suggests that you view your hairiness as a positive trait, something to be proud of rather than ashamed. Use this response when you want to convey self-acceptance and to subtly discourage further comments about your appearance.

2. Yes, it’s my natural fur coat, keeps me warm in the winter.

A humorous response like this one lightens the mood and shows that you don’t take the comment too seriously. It’s an excellent way to deflect attention from any negativity and share a laugh instead. Best used in casual, light-hearted situations where humor is appropriate.

3. I guess I’m just more evolved.

By suggesting that your hairiness is a sign of evolution, you’re playfully asserting a kind of superiority. It’s a cheeky way to respond that can take the sting out of the comment. This reply works well among friends or in a relaxed social setting where a little bit of sarcasm is well-received.

4. Nature’s sunscreen, better protection than SPF 50!

This response educates the commenter in a fun way about one of the practical benefits of body hair: protection from the sun. It shows that you’re knowledgeable and confident in the advantages of your natural body. Ideal for use in conversations where you sense an opportunity to inform or when the mood is already geared towards discussing natural benefits.

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5. And every bit of it is fabulous, don’t you think?

With this reply, you’re embracing your hairiness and inviting the commenter to view it as something fabulous rather than something to criticize. It’s a confident and slightly playful response that can help shift the perspective towards a more positive view. Suitable for any occasion where you want to express self-love and encourage others to do the same.

6. It’s a family trait; we wear it with pride.

Pointing out that your hairiness is a family trait emphasizes that it’s a part of your identity and heritage. This response is a dignified way to acknowledge the comment while also indicating that it’s something you and your family are proud of. Use this when you want to highlight the importance of family and tradition.

7. Better hairy than scary, right?

This lighthearted reply suggests that being hairy is preferable to being frightening in some way. It’s a humorous way to deflect the comment and steer the conversation towards something more positive. Best used in a casual setting where a playful comeback is fitting.

8. I’m just ahead in the race to become a werewolf.

For those who appreciate a bit of fantasy or pop culture, this response adds a fun, imaginative twist. It implies that your hairiness is an asset in a fictional scenario, lightening the mood with a touch of humor. Great for conversations with friends or in settings where everyone enjoys a good laugh.

9. It’s all about embracing what nature gave me.

This reply communicates self-acceptance and a positive attitude towards one’s natural appearance. It’s a mature, respectful way to acknowledge the comment while promoting a message of body positivity. Ideal for more serious conversations or when you want to make a statement about self-love.

10. I consider it a sign of wisdom, like a wise old sage.

Suggesting that your hairiness is akin to the traditional image of a wise sage is a creative way to frame it as a positive attribute. This response is both humorous and thoughtful, suitable for occasions where you want to inject a bit of wisdom into the conversation.

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11. Well, it saves me a fortune on winter clothes.

A practical joke that highlights the economic benefits of being hairy—namely, saving money on warm clothing. This response is best used in casual, light-hearted discussions where you can share a laugh about the practicalities of life.

12. It’s my personal connection to nature and the animal kingdom.

This response frames your hairiness as a meaningful link to the natural world, suggesting a deeper appreciation for your body’s natural state. It’s a thoughtful reply that works well in conversations about nature, spirituality, or when you want to express a sense of connection to the earth.

13. I’ve always wanted to be unique, and here I am.

Embracing your hairiness as a mark of uniqueness is a powerful way to assert your individuality. This response is perfect for situations where you want to highlight the value of being different and to encourage others to appreciate diversity.

14. It’s the latest fashion trend; you haven’t heard?

A sarcastic yet playful way to suggest that your hairiness is actually in vogue. This response is great for lightening the mood and introducing a bit of humor into the conversation, especially in social settings where fashion and trends are topics of discussion.

15. I’m just trying to keep up with the latest in natural beauty.

By framing your hairiness as a choice aligned with natural beauty trends, you’re asserting that it’s a deliberate and fashionable decision. This response is ideal for conversations around beauty standards and when you want to promote a more inclusive view of beauty.

16. It’s my secret weapon for winning hairy leg contests.

Turning the comment into a joke about participating in (and winning) hairy leg contests is a fun way to show that you’re comfortable with your hairiness and can laugh about it. Use this response in situations where humor is appreciated and you’re looking to lighten the mood.

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17. I’m a trendsetter, what can I say?

This reply suggests that you’re not just following trends, but setting them, with your hairiness being part of your avant-garde style. It’s a confident and slightly humorous way to respond, suitable for any occasion where you want to assert your individuality and sense of style.

18. It’s a great conversation starter, as you’ve just proven.

Acknowledging that the commenter has initiated a conversation based on your hairiness is a clever way to point out the social dynamics at play. This response is best used in situations where you want to subtly highlight the oddity of commenting on someone’s appearance, turning the focus back on the initiator.

19. I’m bringing the ’70s back, one hair at a time.

A humorous nod to past decades known for more natural body hair norms, this response playfully suggests that you’re reviving an old trend. It’s great for conversations with a nostalgic or cultural twist, where you can share a laugh about fashion and societal changes.

20. Just embracing my inner beast, you know?

This response playfully acknowledges your hairiness while suggesting it’s a facet of your personality you’re proud of. It’s suitable for light-hearted situations where you want to communicate self-acceptance and a sense of humor about your natural traits.


Each of these responses is designed to address comments about hairiness in a way that’s confident, humorous, or enlightening. Whether you choose to embrace your natural state, make a joke, or educate the commenter, the key is to respond in a way that reflects your personality and comfort level. Remember, your body hair is a part of you, and how you respond to comments about it can empower you and maybe even change how others view beauty standards.