20 Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Baddie

Have you ever been called a “baddie” and found yourself at a loss for words? In today’s lexicon, being called a baddie isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It often refers to someone with an impeccable sense of style, confidence, and an aura that screams independence and strength.

So, if someone decides to label you as such, why not embrace it with humor and confidence?

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Baddie

Here are 20 witty and empowering responses to celebrate your baddie status, turning any attempt at a backhanded compliment into an acknowledgment of your undeniable charisma and strength.

what to say when someone calls you a baddie

1. “Thanks, I’ve been practicing in the mirror.”

A playful acknowledgment that suggests you’re aware of your charm and have been intentionally cultivating it. This response is perfect for keeping the mood light and showcasing your confidence.

2. “Well, if being fabulous is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

This comeback embraces the title with pride, suggesting that if being a baddie means standing out for all the right reasons, then you’re all in. It’s a statement of self-acceptance and confidence.

3. “I’ll take that as a compliment. The ‘bad’ in baddie stands for ‘badass’, right?”

By redefining the term “baddie” to highlight its positive aspects, this response turns the label into a testament to your strength and resilience, making it clear you see it as a badge of honor.

4. “Guess I’m doing something right then!”

A simple yet effective way to agree with the compliment, suggesting that being called a baddie is a sign of your success in portraying confidence and style.

5. “Only on days ending with ‘y’.”

This witty remark implies that being a baddie is not just a temporary state but a constant part of your identity. It’s a humorous way to own the label every day of the week.

6. “Should I add it to my resume under ‘special skills’?”

A playful way to suggest that being a baddie is among your talents, worthy of being highlighted. It’s a clever response that underlines the absurdity of the label while embracing it.

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7. “I was going for queen, but baddie will do.”

This response elevates the compliment, positioning yourself not just as a baddie but as royalty. It’s a proud acknowledgment of your worth and status.

8. “Thank you, I graduated top of my class at the School of Baddies.”

Imaginatively suggesting that there’s an educational institution for becoming a baddie, this comeback is a playful way to accept the compliment while adding a touch of humor.

9. “Is it that obvious? I was trying to keep it under wraps.”

Pretending that your baddie status was supposed to be a secret, this reply is a humorous way to acknowledge the compliment while feigning surprise at being discovered.

10. “And proud of it. Where do I pick up my trophy?”

Assuming that being a baddie comes with awards, this comeback expresses pride in the label and jokingly inquires about the prize, showcasing your ability to embrace and celebrate your identity.

11. “A baddie by nature, a sweetheart by choice.”

This clever response highlights the duality of your personality, suggesting that while you may exude the confidence and style of a baddie, you also possess a kind and gentle side.

12. “Baddie is just code for ‘unapologetically me.'”

Reinterpreting the label as a symbol of authenticity, this comeback proudly claims the term as a sign of living true to oneself, without apologies or regrets.

13. “I’ll assume you mean ‘baddie’ as in ‘good at being bad at fitting stereotypes.'”

This witty retort redefines “baddie” as someone who defies stereotypes and expectations, turning the label into a compliment about your unique and non-conformist nature.

14. “Looks like my secret identity isn’t so secret after all.”

Playing on the idea of a baddie as a covert alter ego, this response humorously suggests that you’ve been outed as the superhero of style and confidence you truly are.

15. “In that case, I’ll be accepting fan mail and accolades.”

Assuming the role of a celebrity baddie, this comeback invites admiration and praise, humorously suggesting that your status as a baddie is worthy of fanfare.

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16. “Oh, just honing my skills for the Baddie Hall of Fame.”

Imagining a hall of fame for baddies, this remark showcases your ambition to be recognized as one of the best, treating the label as a testament to your excellence and flair.

17. “I prefer ‘fashionably fierce,’ but I’ll let it slide.”

This response offers a preferred term that captures the essence of being a baddie without directly using the label, emphasizing your stylish and fearless nature.

18. “A baddie? Must be my natural glow throwing you off.”

Suggesting that your radiance and vitality might be the reason behind the label, this comeback is a modest yet confident acknowledgment of your positive attributes.

19. “Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal, tip your waitress.”

Using humor reminiscent of a stand-up comedian, this reply suggests that your baddie status is part of your performance, inviting others to enjoy the show that is your life.

20. “Alert the media! A baddie has been spotted in the wild.”

Feigning shock and amusement, this response plays on the idea of a baddie as a rare and noteworthy sighting, inviting a lighthearted examination of the term and its implications.


Remember, being called a baddie can be a reflection of someone’s perception of your strength, style, and confidence. With these comebacks, you can embrace the term while showcasing your wit and self-assurance, proving that you’re not only a baddie but also a master of clever retorts.