25 Things To Say When Someone Says You Inspire Them

Imagine someone walks up to you, eyes gleaming with admiration, and shares how much you’ve inspired them. That moment can feel as startling as it is flattering. Suddenly, you’re in the spotlight, tasked with responding in a way that honors their feelings and your own humility.

This scenario is more common than you might think, whether you’re a leader in your field, a mentor, or simply someone who lives by example. The way you respond can strengthen your connection with the person and reinforce the positive impact you’ve had. Crafting the right response requires a delicate balance of gratitude, humility, and encouragement.

Here’s a detailed guide on navigating these moments with grace, offering 25 thoughtful responses to the phrase “You inspire me.”

What to Say When Someone Says You Inspire Them

what to say when someone says you inspire them

1. “Thank you, that means a lot to me. Your words encourage me to keep going.”

This response is perfect for nearly any situation, expressing gratitude and turning the inspiration back on the speaker. It shows that the cycle of inspiration is mutual and that their acknowledgment fuels your motivation.

2. “I’m genuinely touched by your words. It’s rewarding to know I’ve made a positive impact.”

Best used when you want to acknowledge the emotional weight of their compliment. It’s appropriate in a more personal or intimate setting, where sharing feelings is welcomed.

3. “Hearing that is incredibly motivating. Is there anything specific I did that inspired you?”

Ideal for when you’re curious about the specifics of your influence. This opens up a conversation, allowing you to learn more about your impact and possibly gather feedback for future actions.

4. “Your feedback is a gift. It helps me understand the value of my actions. Thank you for sharing.”

Suitable for professional settings, this response emphasizes the importance of feedback in growth and improvement. It’s a polished way to express gratitude and show openness to further communication.

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5. “I’m honored to hear that. Knowing I’ve inspired someone makes all the challenges worth it.”

Great for instances where you want to share the struggles behind your achievements, making your journey relatable and encouraging others to see value in their challenges.

6. “Wow, that’s very kind of you to say. It’s amazing to think we can inspire each other in such meaningful ways.”

This is a light-hearted and humble way to respond, focusing on the communal aspect of inspiration. It’s particularly fitting in casual or group settings.

7. “Thank you for telling me. It’s a reminder of how important it is to support one another.”

Use this when you want to highlight the importance of mutual support and encouragement, reinforcing the idea of a supportive community or network.

8. “I’m flattered, thank you. What have you been inspired to do or change?”

When you’re interested in the specifics of their inspiration and want to encourage further reflection on their part. It shows genuine interest in their development.

9. “That’s incredibly generous of you to say. I hope to continue being worthy of that kind of admiration.”

Appropriate when expressing humility and a commitment to maintaining high standards in your actions and behavior. It’s a pledge to continue being a positive influence.

10. “Hearing this from you is really special. Let’s both keep inspiring each other.”

This response is ideal for peers or close colleagues. It underscores the reciprocal nature of inspiration and strengthens bonds.

11. “Thank you, your words give me strength. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone in our journeys.”

Suitable for more intimate or emotional contexts, this response acknowledges the strength derived from community and shared experiences.

12. “I appreciate your kindness. It’s a reminder to be more mindful of the impact we can have.”

Use this to reflect on the responsibility that comes with being an inspiration to others, emphasizing mindfulness and intentionality in actions.

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13. “Your words are a great encouragement. They remind me why I do what I do.”

When you want to convey how their recognition reinforces your purpose or motivation. It’s an affirmation of your actions and goals.

14. “Thank you, I’m moved. Let’s both strive to make a positive impact in our worlds.”

A call to action for both the speaker and the listener to continue making positive changes, fostering a sense of shared mission.

15. “I’m so glad to hear that. Your support motivates me to keep pushing forward.”

Acknowledges the role of their support in your motivation, making it a mutual exchange of encouragement and inspiration.

16. “That’s very sweet of you. It’s beautiful how inspiration can create such a powerful connection between us.”

Highlights the emotional and relational aspect of being inspired or inspiring others, suitable for close relationships or communities.

17. “Thank you, it’s heartwarming to hear that. I believe we all have the power to inspire.”

A humble acknowledgment that elevates the idea of inspiration as a universal potential, encouraging the speaker to see themselves as capable of inspiring others too.

18. “I’m grateful for your words. It’s important to recognize the good we can do simply by being ourselves.”

Emphasizes the importance of authenticity and the impact of genuine behavior, encouraging both parties to appreciate their own uniqueness.

19. “Your feedback is incredibly valuable. It inspires me to keep growing and learning.”

When you want to focus on the continuous journey of personal development, showing that their inspiration contributes to your growth.

20. “I’m honored by your words. Together, we can inspire change and make a difference.”

Best for moments when you want to inspire collective action or a shared vision, emphasizing collaboration and shared goals.

21. “Thank you for such a meaningful compliment. It challenges me to uphold those inspiring qualities every day.”

This response is excellent for when you want to express how their words serve as a motivation to consistently embody the qualities that inspired them. It shows a commitment to personal integrity and ongoing self-improvement.

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22. “Your words are a wonderful encouragement. They remind me that our actions can truly touch others’ lives.”

Ideal for situations where you wish to emphasize the human connection and the impact of individual actions on others. It’s a humble acknowledgment of the influence one can have, encouraging thoughtful and kind behavior.

23. “I’m deeply touched by your kindness. It’s affirming to hear that my efforts have resonated with you.”

Use this when the inspiration mentioned is linked to specific efforts or achievements you’ve made. It acknowledges the effort behind your actions and the fulfillment that comes from those efforts being recognized and appreciated.

24. “Thank you, that’s very encouraging. It’s a reminder that we all have something valuable to share.”

This reply is particularly fitting when you want to highlight the universal capacity for inspiration. It suggests that everyone, regardless of their position or status, possesses unique qualities or insights that can inspire others.

25. “I’m honored and humbled by your words. Let’s inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves.”

Suitable for mutual or peer relationships, this response emphasizes a joint commitment to personal growth and improvement. It’s a recognition that inspiration is a two-way street, with both parties contributing to and benefiting from a shared journey towards self-betterment.

Choosing the right response depends on the context, your relationship with the person, and the emotions you wish to convey. Each of these options offers a way to graciously accept the compliment while fostering a deeper connection and encouraging continued growth and inspiration for both parties.