15 Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Genius

Have you ever been called a genius? It’s a moment that can catch you off guard, leaving you grappling for the right way to respond. Being labeled a genius can come from a place of genuine admiration or playful banter.

Regardless of the intent, how you reply can say a lot about you. It’s crucial to strike a balance between humility, gratitude, and humor.

what to say when someone calls you a genius

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Genius: 15 Ideas

Below are 15 thoughtful responses to when someone calls you a genius. These replies are tailored to fit a range of scenarios, from professional settings to casual conversations with friends.

Thank you, but I’m just very passionate about what I do.

This response is grounded in humility and redirects the compliment towards your dedication and hard work. It’s suitable for professional environments where you want to acknowledge the compliment without appearing arrogant. By attributing your achievements to passion, you underscore the importance of commitment and continuous learning.

I appreciate that! I’m always trying to learn and improve.

Here, you’re accepting the compliment graciously while highlighting your growth mindset. It’s an excellent way to convey that you view your intelligence as a work in progress. This reply is perfect for conversations where you want to emphasize personal development over innate talent.

That’s kind of you, but I believe we’re all geniuses in our own ways.

This response promotes inclusivity and recognizes the diverse talents and abilities of others. It’s a great way to deflect the compliment modestly while fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Use this when you want to share the spotlight with your peers or team members.

Well, I’ve had a lot of help from some brilliant people along the way.

Acknowledging the support and influence of others in your achievements is a sign of humility and gratitude. This reply is fitting for situations where teamwork and mentorship have played a significant role in your success. It shows that you value collaboration and the wisdom of those who have guided you.

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Haha, if only solving this problem felt like a stroke of genius!

Injecting humor into your response can lighten the mood and show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. This reply is perfect for deflecting a compliment in a playful manner, especially when faced with challenging tasks. It’s best used in casual or less formal settings.

I’m flattered, but trust me, it’s 99% hard work and 1% inspiration.

Emphasizing the hard work behind your accomplishments can demystify the notion of being a genius. This response is ideal for discussions about the nature of success and the effort required to achieve excellence. It conveys a realistic perspective on what it takes to excel in your field.

Thanks! I guess today’s my lucky day to be called a genius.

Attributing the compliment to luck can be a humble way to accept it without taking full credit. This response is suitable for lighthearted exchanges where you want to acknowledge the compliment but also downplay your role. It’s a reminder that timing and circumstances often play a role in our successes.

I’m glad you think so! Sometimes, I just get really lucky with my guesses.

Admitting that not everything is the result of pure genius, but sometimes luck, is an honest and relatable response. It’s effective in situations where you want to acknowledge a successful outcome without overstating your abilities. This reply keeps the conversation grounded and relatable.

Oh, you’re too kind! I just spend a lot of time on this.

This response appreciates the compliment while highlighting the time and effort you invest in your work or hobby. It’s suitable for moments when you want to be recognized for your dedication rather than an innate talent. It reflects a work ethic that values perseverance.

I may have some good ideas, but it’s all about the team effort.

Here, you’re redirecting the praise to your team, underscoring the collective effort behind a project’s success. This reply fosters a sense of unity and appreciation for collaborative work. It’s particularly apt for leadership roles where acknowledging the contributions of others is key.

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I think I just have a knack for this, but thank you!

Acknowledging your natural inclination or talent in a modest way can be an effective response. This reply is fitting when you want to accept the compliment without diminishing your skills or the effort you’ve put into developing them. It’s a balanced way to recognize your strengths.

You’re making me blush! I’m really just focused on doing my best.

Showing a bit of vulnerability by admitting the compliment affects you can be endearing. This response is ideal for personal interactions where you want to convey sincerity and dedication. It demonstrates a commitment to excellence without claiming superiority.

Genius is just persistence in disguise. I keep at it until I get it right.

This reply emphasizes the value of persistence and resilience. It’s a powerful message for anyone striving to overcome challenges or master new skills. Use this response to inspire others to keep pushing forward, regardless of how daunting the task may seem.

I think it’s all about being curious and asking the right questions.

Highlighting curiosity as the driving force behind your achievements is an insightful way to respond. This is particularly effective in academic or creative settings where questioning and exploration are key to innovation. It celebrates the process of discovery and learning.

You’re too generous! I just have a lot of fun exploring and experimenting.

Framing your achievements as a result of exploration and experimentation is a humble way to accept compliments. This response is fitting for creative professions or hobbies where trial and error play a significant role in success. It conveys a passion for the journey rather than just the outcome.


Responding to being called a genius doesn’t have to be awkward or challenging. With these 20 responses, you’re equipped to handle such compliments with grace, humility, and a touch of humor.

Whether you’re in a professional setting, among friends, or in a more formal environment, these replies allow you to acknowledge the praise while staying grounded.

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Remember, the essence of true genius lies not in the accolades we receive but in our continuous pursuit of knowledge, our dedication to our craft, and our willingness to share our successes with those who support us along the way.