20 Things to Say When Someone Calls You “Cool”

Have you ever been called “cool” and found yourself at a loss for words? Being labeled as “cool” can come as a surprise and leave you wondering how to respond in a way that maintains your newly bestowed title.

Whether it’s a compliment from a friend, a coworker, or even someone you’re just meeting for the first time, having a few witty and gracious responses up your sleeve can keep the conversation flowing and enhance your social interactions.

what to say when someone calls you cool

What to Say When Someone Calls You “Cool”: 20 Ideas

Here are 20 things you can say when someone calls you “cool,” each tailored to different situations and designed to leave a lasting impression.

“Thanks! I strive to be like my favorite superheroes, minus the cape.”

This response adds a playful touch to your gratitude, referencing the universal appeal of superheroes. It’s perfect for casual conversations, especially when you want to inject a bit of humor and keep the mood light. It subtly suggests that while you appreciate the compliment, you don’t take yourself too seriously.

“I got it from my playlist. Music is the window to one’s coolness, isn’t it?”

Responding with a mention of your music taste is a great way to steer the conversation towards common interests. It implies that your coolness is influenced by the artists you listen to, inviting the other person to inquire about your favorite bands or songs. This response is ideal for making connections and finding common ground.

“Coolness runs in the family, I guess. Want to meet my equally cool pet someday?”

By attributing your coolness to your family, and humorously extending it to your pet, you create an opportunity for more personal conversations. This response is engaging and opens the door for future interactions, making it perfect when you’re interested in deepening a relationship.

“I appreciate that! I’ve been practicing in front of the mirror.”

This humorous response downplays the compliment while showcasing your self-deprecating humor. It’s a good choice in situations where you want to appear humble yet witty, making light of the notion that coolness is something one can practice.

“Thanks! It’s all about embracing your quirks, don’t you think?”

Acknowledging the compliment while highlighting the importance of individuality can resonate well in most social settings. It suggests that your coolness comes from being authentic and comfortable with who you are, which can encourage others to share what makes them unique.

“Wow, I’m flattered! I’ll have to add ‘cool’ to my resume.”

Turning the compliment into a joke about your resume is a clever way to express gratitude while keeping the conversation playful. This response is best used in informal settings or when chatting with colleagues, as it subtly bridges professional and personal topics.

“Really? I always thought my cool factor was my hidden talent.”

Feigning surprise and modesty adds charm to your response. It implies that you have many layers to your personality, inviting further exploration into your interests and talents. This approach is great for engaging someone’s curiosity and keeping them interested in learning more about you.

“I guess watching all those classic films finally paid off!”

Attributing your coolness to something specific, like watching classic films, not only shows gratitude but also shares a bit of your personal interests. It’s an excellent way to steer the conversation toward your hobbies, potentially discovering shared passions.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to tell my mom. She’ll be thrilled!”

Using humor by mentioning your mom not only shows that you don’t take the compliment too seriously but also humanizes you, making you more relatable. This response is endearing and can be particularly effective in light-hearted, familiar conversations.

“I must be doing something right then. Thanks for noticing!”

Expressing gratitude while subtly acknowledging your own efforts to present yourself well is both humble and confident. This response is versatile, fitting for both casual encounters and more meaningful interactions, as it leaves room for the other person to share what specifically they find cool about you.

“Cool? I aim for ‘unforgettable.’ But I’ll take it!”

This playful response sets a high bar for yourself while graciously accepting the compliment. It’s a fun way to express your ambition and personality, making it suitable for situations where you want to leave a strong impression.

“I was just thinking the same about you. Great minds think alike, huh?”

Complimenting the other person in return creates a mutual admiration society, fostering a positive and supportive environment. This response is particularly effective in building rapport and making the other person feel good about themselves as well.

“Is it the shoes? It’s gotta be the shoes.”

Blaming your coolness on something superficial, like your shoes, injects humor and lightness into the conversation. It’s an excellent way to deflect the compliment if you’re feeling shy, steering the discussion toward more trivial, fun topics.

“I’ve been hanging out with cool people like you. It’s contagious!”

Giving credit to the company you keep for your coolness is a subtle way to compliment the other person while accepting their praise. This response is ideal for strengthening bonds and emphasizing the value of your relationships.

“Just doing my part to keep things interesting around here.”

This response suggests that your coolness is an intentional effort to contribute positively to your surroundings. It’s a good fit for workplace conversations or group settings, where you’re acknowledging your role in creating a vibrant atmosphere.

“You know, it’s all about staying true to yourself. That’s the real secret.”

Focusing on authenticity as the source of your coolness encourages a deeper conversation about personal values. This response is thoughtful and meaningful, making it suitable for discussions where you want to inspire or connect on a more personal level.

“I’ve been working on my cool aura. Glad it’s working!”

Joking about cultivating a “cool aura” is a lighthearted way to thank the other person while keeping the mood cheerful. This response is perfect for casual exchanges where you want to keep the energy up and the conversation flowing.

“Thanks! I try to keep up with the times, you know?”

Acknowledging the effort to stay relevant or trendy can be a relatable and modest way to accept a compliment. This response is great for conversations about cultural trends, fashion, or technology, indicating your awareness and adaptability.

“Cool? I’m just riding the wave of life, my friend.”

Presenting yourself as laid-back and adaptable reflects a go-with-the-flow attitude that many find appealing. This response is effective in portraying a relaxed and open-minded personality, suitable for almost any social interaction.

“I learned from the best. You’re not so bad yourself!”

Turning the compliment into an opportunity to praise the other person’s influence or qualities fosters a positive and mutually respectful conversation. This response is particularly effective in building or reinforcing a connection, showing appreciation for the other’s traits or guidance.

Responding to being called “cool” offers a unique opportunity to showcase your personality, build rapport, and steer conversations in enjoyable directions. The key is to be authentic, playful, and appreciative, creating memorable interactions that reflect your unique charm and wit.

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