20 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Flat

Are you ready to turn an awkward moment into an opportunity for growth and empowerment? When someone comments negatively on your body, it can feel personal and hurtful.

However, the way you respond can not only defuse the situation but also reflect your confidence and self-respect.

What to Say When Someone Calls You Flat

Whether you’re faced with this situation in a personal or public setting, how you choose to reply can make all the difference. Here are 20 thoughtful and empowering responses to use when someone calls you flat.

what to say when someone calls you flat

1. Thank you for your opinion, but I’m comfortable with my body as it is.

This response is perfect for showing that you’re unfazed by others’ opinions about your body. It’s appropriate when you want to shut down the conversation politely without engaging further. It reflects self-confidence and the understanding that your self-worth isn’t determined by others’ perceptions.

2. I wasn’t aware my body was up for discussion.

This reply is slightly sassier and suitable for situations where you want to make it clear that the comment was inappropriate. It subtly reminds the commenter that your body is not a topic for public critique and encourages them to think before they speak next time.

3. We all have different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes us unique.

Ideal for educational moments, this response promotes body positivity and diversity. It’s a gentle way to address the comment while spreading a positive message about body image.

4. I focus more on what my body can do, rather than how it looks.

This response shifts the focus from appearance to functionality, emphasizing the importance of health and abilities over looks. It’s a great way to convey that you value yourself for more than just your physical appearance.

5. I’m more than my appearance; I have a lot to offer.

Use this reply to remind both yourself and the commenter that your value doesn’t come from your physical attributes. It’s perfect for highlighting your talents, skills, and qualities that have nothing to do with how you look.

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6. Beauty standards change, but my self-worth is constant.

This response is empowering and reminds the commenter that beauty standards are fleeting and subjective. It’s best used when you want to express your confidence and the stability of your self-esteem.

7. I prefer to celebrate what makes me unique, including my body.

This reply celebrates individuality and personal acceptance. It’s appropriate when you want to convey a positive message about embracing one’s uniqueness.

8. I choose not to measure my value by physical standards set by others.

By using this response, you assert your autonomy and reject societal pressures regarding physical appearance. It’s suitable for moments when you want to assert your independence from external validation.

9. Let’s focus on more important topics, shall we?

This reply is a tactful way to change the subject without directly addressing the comment. It’s perfect for situations where you prefer not to engage in a conversation about your body.

10. I believe in kindness and respect towards all body types, including my own.

Promote a message of respect and kindness with this response. It’s a gentle reminder that body-shaming is harmful and unnecessary.

11. My body is not an invitation for comments or judgments.

This strong statement sets boundaries and makes it clear that unsolicited opinions about your body are not welcome. It’s ideal for situations where you need to assert yourself firmly.

12. I’m proud of who I am, and my appearance is just one part of me.

Use this response to express self-pride and the holistic view you have of yourself. It’s suitable for moments when you want to affirm your self-worth.

13. Everyone’s body is their own business, including mine.

This reply emphasizes personal autonomy and the importance of minding one’s own business. It’s a straightforward way to address the inappropriateness of the comment.

14. I’m focused on being healthy and happy, not fitting into someone else’s standards.

With this response, you highlight your priorities of health and happiness over conforming to societal expectations. It’s best used when you want to share your personal values.

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15. Your opinion does not define me.

A short and powerful reply, this statement asserts your independence from external opinions. It’s perfect for moments when you want to quickly dismiss the comment and move on.

16. I appreciate my body for what it is, and I don’t seek validation from others.

This response shows self-acceptance and the lack of need for external approval. It’s suitable for situations where you want to express contentment with yourself.

17. I believe every body is a good body, including mine.

Promote body positivity and inclusivity with this reply. It’s a positive way to counteract a negative comment and affirm your belief in universal acceptance.

18. Let’s respect each other’s differences instead of criticizing them.

This response encourages mutual respect and understanding. It’s appropriate for situations where you want to foster a more respectful dialogue.

19. My worth is not determined by my appearance.

A strong statement of self-worth, this reply reinforces the idea that your value comes from within. It’s perfect for moments when you want to assert your intrinsic value.

20. I’m comfortable and happy with who I am, and that’s what matters to me.

End on a positive note with this reply, showcasing your happiness and self-satisfaction. It’s suitable for any situation where you want to affirm your contentment with yourself.


Responding to negative comments about your body can be challenging, but these replies offer a range of ways to handle such situations with grace, confidence, and positivity. Remember, the goal is not to win an argument but to maintain your dignity and self-respect in the face of unkindness.