25 Polite Ways to Say “Keep Me Posted”

Communicating effectively is the key to successful interactions, both in personal and professional settings. One common phrase we often use in English is “Keep me posted,” especially when we need to stay informed about ongoing situations or events.

However, repeating the same phrase can sometimes become monotonous or lack the particular nuance required for a specific context. This article offers 25 alternative ways to politely say, “Keep me posted”.

25 Polite Ways to Say, “Keep Me Posted”

polite ways to say keep me posted

1. “Please keep me in the loop.”

This phrase is widely used in both personal and professional contexts. It implies that you wish to remain informed and engaged in the ongoing matter.

Example: I know you’re working on the Thompson project, Lisa. Please keep me in the loop.

2. “Don’t hesitate to update me.”

This response encourages open communication and assures the other person that you are genuinely interested in staying informed about the situation.

Example: If there are any changes in the schedule, John, don’t hesitate to update me.

3. “Let’s stay in touch about this.”

This phrase promotes ongoing communication and implies that both parties share a mutual interest in the matter.

Example: Now that we’ve discussed the fundraising plans, let’s stay in touch about this, Rebecca.

4. “Feel free to share updates as they come.”

This response is a welcoming way to request updates. It makes it clear that you are ready and willing to receive information as it becomes available.

Example: We’re excited about your new business venture, Mark. Feel free to share updates as they come.

5. “I look forward to hearing about any progress.”

This phrase displays eagerness and anticipation about the ongoing matter, signaling that you genuinely care about the outcome.

Example: I’m thrilled about the community garden project, Emma. I look forward to hearing about any progress.

6. “I’d appreciate any news you have.”

This response expresses appreciation in advance for the information you expect to receive, making it a polite request.

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Example: If there are updates on the conference arrangements, I’d appreciate any news you have, Eric.

7. “Do keep me informed.”

This is a more formal way of requesting updates, suitable for professional situations where some level of decorum is necessary.

Example: As you proceed with the audit, do keep me informed, Patricia.

8. “I’m interested in hearing more about this.”

This phrase clearly communicates your interest in the topic and your desire to hear more about it as things develop.

Example: Your design ideas sound intriguing, Sophie. I’m interested in hearing more about this.

9. “Please let me know of any changes.”

This response is particularly useful when dealing with a situation that may undergo modifications or updates.

Example: If there are any shifts in the meeting schedule, please let me know of any changes, Dave.

10. “I trust you’ll keep me apprised.”

This statement implies confidence in the other person’s ability to keep you updated, which can strengthen mutual respect and rapport.

Example: As you negotiate the terms of the contract, I trust you’ll keep me apprised, Alan.

11. “Remember to fill me in.”

While this is a more casual way to request updates, it’s also friendly and straightforward.

Example: After your discussion with the client, remember to fill me in, Megan.

12. “I’d be glad to hear about any developments.”

This phrase indicates a sense of anticipation and positivity about receiving updates, and it also suggests a strong interest in the matter at hand.

Example: With regards to your new marketing strategy, I’d be glad to hear about any developments, Oliver.

13. “I await any further news with interest.”

This formal and somewhat old-fashioned phrase still has its place in correspondence where a high level of decorum is expected.

Example: Regarding the scholarship applications, I await any further news with interest, Mrs. Thompson.

14. “I’m keen to stay updated on this matter.”

This statement indicates a high level of interest in the situation and a strong desire to be kept informed about any changes or progress.

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Example: I’m very invested in the school play, Daniel. I’m keen to stay updated on this matter.

15. “I hope you’ll share more details as they come.”

This phrase expresses hope, subtly pressuring the other person to provide updates while maintaining a polite and friendly tone.

Example: If you learn more about the neighborhood watch initiative, I hope you’ll share more details as they come, Natalie.

For the remaining 10 ways to say “Keep Me Posted,” please refer to the subsequent part of the article. In it, we continue to provide more alternatives to the common phrase, each one suited to different scenarios and communication styles.

16. “Please remember to update me regularly.”

This phrase clearly communicates your expectations to receive frequent updates. It is suitable for situations that require consistent follow-ups or progress checks.

Example: As you research potential markets for our new product, Harry, please remember to update me regularly.

17. “Keep me apprised of your progress.”

This phrase is ideal for professional situations where progress reports are important. It shows that you are interested in how the task or project is evolving.

Example: We’re counting on your team to finalize the budget, Rachel. Keep me apprised of your progress.

18. “I would appreciate it if you kept me up to speed.”

This polite and respectful phrase emphasizes your desire to stay informed about ongoing developments.

Example: The board is eager to learn about your new initiative, Jack. I would appreciate it if you kept me up to speed.

19. “I’m excited to hear more about this.”

By expressing excitement, you are showing enthusiasm for the subject matter and a desire to be included in the loop.

Example: Your book project sounds intriguing, Emily. I’m excited to hear more about this.

20. “Ensure I’m not left in the dark.”

This phrase is a slightly more forceful way to request updates. It is appropriate for situations where being uninformed might have significant consequences.

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Example: If there are any delays in the shipment, Thomas, ensure I’m not left in the dark.

21. “Do keep me updated on your findings.”

This phrase works well in a professional or academic context where the person is engaged in research or investigation.

Example: As you explore the historical archives, Helen, do keep me updated on your findings.

22. “Looking forward to your updates.”

This phrase clearly expresses eagerness and anticipation for the information you expect to receive.

Example: We’re all excited about the upcoming product launch, Steve. Looking forward to your updates.

23. “Please loop me in on any updates.”

This phrase is particularly used in professional settings. It indicates that you wish to be included in any communication about changes or developments.

Example: If there are any modifications in the tech specs, Claire, please loop me in on any updates.

24. “I anticipate hearing about the progress.”

This phrase exudes professionalism and respect, making it suitable for formal communication.

Example: We’re relying on your expertise for the merger, Mr. Wilson. I anticipate hearing about the progress.

25. “Please inform me of any further developments.”

This phrase is a direct and straightforward way of asking to be kept informed about any new developments. It works well in both professional and personal situations.

Example: Regarding the legal proceedings, please inform me of any further developments, Attorney Smith.

In conclusion, the phrase “Keep me posted” has many alternatives, each with its unique tone and level of formality. By choosing the one that fits best in your context, you can keep your language fresh and engaging while ensuring effective communication.