40 Funny Responses to “I Have a Crush on You”

Finding out someone has a crush on you can put you in a spot where you’re not sure how to respond, especially if you don’t share the same feelings or you’re just caught off guard.

While it’s important to handle such admissions with care and not hurt the other person’s feelings, a little humor can sometimes be the best way to handle the situation, especially if you both share a similar sense of humor.

funny responses to i have a crush on you

Responses to “I Have a Crush on You”

Here are 40 funny responses that can lighten the mood, let someone down easily, or just give you both a good laugh.

1. The Humble Bragger

“Well, can’t say I blame you. If I were you, I’d have a crush on me too!”

This response is dripping with playful arrogance and can be best used when you know the other person will appreciate the humor and not take it the wrong way.

2. The Realist

“I’m flattered, but you should know I’m not as cool as I look on the internet.”

Ideal for a situation where your crush might know you from your social media persona, this response keeps it light by poking fun at the difference between online and real-life personas.

3. The Grateful

“Thanks for the ego boost! My self-esteem just leveled up!”

Use this when you want to acknowledge the compliment but also steer the conversation towards a more light-hearted territory.

4. The Salesperson

“Are you sure? I come with a lot of terms and conditions.”

A humorous way to remind your crush that nobody’s perfect and that you come with your own set of quirks.

5. The Pretend Narcissist

“Join the club! We meet on Thursdays and discuss how great I am.”

This is a funny, slightly narcissistic response that’s best used when you’re sure it will be taken in jest.

6. The Skeptic

“Really? Are you feeling okay? Do you have a fever?”

If you’re looking for a playful way to express disbelief without being mean, this response fits the bill perfectly.

7. The Conspiracy Theorist

“Who told you to say that? Was it my mom?”

This is a funny way to deflect the compliment by pretending it’s part of a conspiracy, best used when the mood is already playful.

8. The Flattered

“Wow, this is so unexpected I might need to sit down.”

A response that shows you’re taken aback in a humorous way, which works well when you want to keep the mood light.

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9. The Alert

“I’d like to thank my hair and my sense of humor for making this possible.”

This can be a comical way to give credit to your physical or personality traits for winning them over.

10. The Disbeliever

“Are you sure you’re not just under a spell? I knew I shouldn’t have bought that cologne from the wizard.”

A quirky way to suggest that their feelings are the result of some magical influence, rather than your own charm.

11. The Warning

“Just so you know, my idea of a hot date is making sure the pizza is still warm when we get home.”

This response sets a humorous and realistic expectation of what dating you might entail.

12. The Business Deal

“I’m currently accepting applications for crushes, so you’re in luck! There’s a two-week trial period, though.”

If you’re into them too, this can be a playful way to show interest while keeping it light and breezy.

13. The Time Traveler

“Wow, I didn’t expect my time machine to work. I must have traveled back to high school!”

This response is great for when the confession feels a bit youthful or nostalgic.

14. The Confident

“That’s because you have excellent taste.”

Use this when you want to return the compliment in kind without diving into a serious conversation.

15. The Movie Critic

“Is this the part where the music starts and we run towards each other in slow motion?”

This is perfect for when you both share a love for romantic comedies and enjoy poking fun at clichés.

16. The Comedian

“Well, get in line! No, seriously, there’s a line… I’ll go get the velvet rope.”

When you want to joke about being in high demand, this response does it with a wink and a nudge.

17. The Cautious One

“Are you sure? I’m like a thrift shop sweater: looks fun but full of unexpected holes.”

Best used when you want to warn them that you’re not without flaws, all while keeping the tone humorous.

18. The Self-Care Advocate

“I’m flattered, but I’m currently in a committed relationship with my bed and my Netflix account.”

For when you’re not looking to date anyone and prefer to keep your personal time sacred.

19. The Nutritionist

“I hope you like your crushes with a side of awkward and a dash of nerdy.”

This is a cute way to acknowledge their feelings while also giving them a playful heads-up about your personality.

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20. The Surprised

“You have a crush on me? Did I read that script right? Someone get me my glasses.”

Use this if you want to express genuine surprise in a light-hearted way.

21. The Overthinker

“I’ll have to consult my tarot cards and get back to you on that.”

Great for when you’re known to be indecisive or into mystical things.

22. The Bargain Hunter

“Does this mean I get a discount on my next crush?”

A playful way to respond if you’re known for your frugal or deal-hunting ways.

23. The Quality Controller

“I appreciate your interest. Your application will be reviewed and you’ll hear back from us in 3-5 business years.”

Perfect for when you want to keep things professional or you’re known for your meticulous nature.

24. The Star

“I’d like to thank the Academy and my parents for this moment.”

A humorous response that treats their admission like a major award, it’s especially funny if you’re both movie buffs.

25. The Tactician

“You’ve passed the first level. Ready for the boss battle?”

For when you like someone who enjoys video games, suggesting that dating might be the next ‘level’ to beat.

26. The Reality TV Host

“This is truly an unexpected twist in this season’s episodes of My Life. Stay tuned to see if the judges will vote for a romance!”

This response is perfect when you want to treat the moment as a cliffhanger, adding a sense of suspense and humor.

27. The Trendsetter

“You have a crush on me? Well, that makes you incredibly fashionable — I hear I’m ‘in’ this season.”

Use this when you want to playfully suggest that having a crush on you is the latest trend.

28. The Fortune Teller

“I see… I see… a mutual awkwardness blossoming into a beautiful friendship.”

This is a gently humorous way to say you only foresee friendship without making the situation uncomfortable.

29. The Researcher

“Interesting data. I’ll add that to my ongoing study of ‘Unexpected Phenomena in Human Interactions.'”

Great for when you’re known for being analytical or academic and want to keep the tone intellectual yet playful.

30. The Lawyer

“Your crush has been duly noted and will be entered into the record. Do you wish to file a supplemental brief?”

For those who appreciate a legal twist, this response treats their admission as formal court documentation.

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31. The Economist

“Your crush has been registered. It’s now subject to the whims of the emotional stock market — prices may rise or fall.”

This response humorously suggests that the value of the crush is as volatile as the stock market.

32. The Zoologist

“A wild crush appears! It uses Flirt. It’s not very effective…”

Perfect for those who are into Pokémon or similar games, it turns down the crush with a hint of gaming lingo.

33. The Retro Gamer

“Crush detected. Press ‘A’ to jump to the next level, or ‘B’ to remain friends.”

A nostalgic callback to classic video games, this lets the person know in a playful way that they can choose to advance or not.

34. The Librarian

“Your crush has been received. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.”

This is a quirky way to acknowledge their feelings while suggesting that you’ll need some time to think it over.

35. The Tech Support

“Error 404: Romantic Response Not Found. Please try again later.”

Use this when you want to deflect the situation with humor, especially if you’re known for being tech-savvy.

36. The Crossword Enthusiast

“You have a crush on me? If this were a crossword clue, I’d be puzzled.”

A clever response for those who love word games, indicating that you’re unsure how to proceed.

37. The Auto Responder

“Thank you for your confession. I am currently out of the office and will reply to your crush at my earliest convenience.”

This is a playful way to put off responding seriously, suggesting you’re temporarily ‘unavailable’ to deal with the crush.

38. The Mysterious One

“I’ve received your crush notification. Please provide three references and solve these riddles three.”

For when you want to maintain an air of mystery and challenge the person in a light-hearted way.

39. The Chef

“A crush, you say? Let me see if I can cook up a suitable response.”

This response is perfect for foodies and those who love to cook, implying that crafting a response is like preparing a fine meal.

40. The Social Media Influencer

“I’ll need to consult my followers before I can reciprocate that crush. Do you mind if I run a poll?”

If you’re active on social media, this response turns the confession into a moment of engagement with your audience.