27 Funny Responses to “Are You Single?”

The question, “Are you single?” often pops up in conversations more often than a prairie dog in a field. While it’s a straightforward question that can be answered with a simple yes or no, sometimes the situation calls for a bit of humor—especially if you’re not interested or you just want to keep them guessing.

Crafting a funny response can help to deflect the question with grace and wit, showing that you’re not only quick on your feet but also have a great sense of humor.

funny responses to are you single

Funny Responses to, “Are You Single?”

Below are 27 playful retorts that will leave the inquirer smiling, even if they don’t get the answer they were hoping for.

1. The Lone Ranger

“I’m as single as a dollar bill, but I’m not looking for change!”

This response is a playful twist on words, likening being single to a single dollar bill, and cleverly indicating that you’re not looking to switch it up.

2. The Exclusive Membership

“Yes, I’m a member of the ‘Solo Club’. We have jackets, but we only make them in size ‘me’.”

By creating an imaginary exclusive club for singles, you’re making your single status sound like a choice of distinction.

3. The Optimistic Shopper

“I’m single by choice. Unfortunately, it’s not always my choice.”

This response is humorously self-deprecating, suggesting that while you’re single, it’s not necessarily because you want to be—implying a readiness to mingle.

4. The Secret Agent

“That information is classified. I could tell you, but then, you know… I’d have to tickle you.”

Treating your single status as a top-secret adds an air of mystery and playfulness to the conversation.

5. The Philosopher

“Single? Aren’t we all just single atoms in this vast universe, occasionally bonding to form molecules?”

This philosophical take on the single question deflects the personal aspect and brings in a bit of existential humor.

6. The Happy Homeowner

“I’m the sole owner of my heart’s real estate, and currently, there are no vacancies.”

This reply turns the concept of being single into a metaphor about real estate, cleverly implying that you’re happy with the current occupant—yourself.

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7. The Tech Enthusiast

“I’m single, but I like to think of it as being in ‘incognito mode’.”

Likening singlehood to a web browser’s privacy feature suggests that you’re single on your own terms and for your own reasons.

8. The Car Enthusiast

“I’m a vintage model—currently not on the market and a bit too classic for just any old test drive.”

This response uses car terminology to imply that you’re unique and discerning about who you ‘drive’ with.

9. The Nutritionist

“I’m single as a Pringle, and just as salty about it.”

A humorous play on words, this response admits to being single with a hint of sass, similar to the salty snack.

10. The Librarian

“I’m currently a solo edition. The ‘couple’ volume is out of print.”

Here, singlehood is presented as a book edition, humorously suggesting that a paired version is not available.

11. The Social Media Guru

“My relationship status? It’s like my Facebook page—no need to refresh, it’s still single.”

This response connects to the digital age, implying that just like a static Facebook page, your single status is unchanged.

12. The Lottery Player

“I’m as single as an unscratched lottery ticket. But who knows? Maybe there’s a jackpot waiting.”

By comparing yourself to a lottery ticket, you’re alluding to the potential for a win, or in this case, a relationship in the future.

13. The Business Tycoon

“I’m a free agent, entertaining offers, but I’ve yet to find a partnership with the right benefits package.”

This business-like response indicates you’re open to a relationship but only if it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

14. The Space Explorer

“I’m single like Pluto is a planet. Technically not, but still deserving of some love.”

This clever reply plays on the controversial planetary status of Pluto, making a case for being single yet still significant.

15. The Bargain Hunter

“I’m single, but it’s like a Black Friday sale—once you see a deal, it’s gone!”

Suggesting that your single status is a hot commodity, much like a Black Friday bargain, implies that interested parties should act fast.

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16. The Movie Critic

“Single? Yes, but my life is still a romantic comedy—unfortunately, it’s been more comedy than romance lately.”

This self-effacing humor shows that you can laugh at your single status and the lack of romance in your life.

17. The Astronomer

“I’m single, just like a star in the sky—shining bright and surrounded by space.”

By comparing yourself to a star, you’re saying that you’re fine with standing alone and that it allows you to shine your brightest.

18. The Animal Lover

“I’m as single as a lone wolf—except I have a better social life and I’m house trained.”

This response humorously contrasts the image of a solitary wolf with your own more sociable and refined nature.

19. The Poet

“Single as a simple rhyme, waiting for love that’s quite sublime.”

Turning the answer into a rhyme gives it a whimsical touch, suggesting that while you’re single, you’re also a romantic at heart.

20. The Confident Soloist

“I’m single, and like a solo concert, I hold the stage just fine on my own.”

Asserting that you’re like a solo performer indicates that you’re confident and complete by yourself, not in need of a duet to make your life harmonious.

21. The Adventurer

“Solo? Absolutely. I’m on an epic quest. Think of it as single-player mode in the grand game of life.”

Embracing the single life as an adventure game where you’re the hero can be an empowering take on the single status.

22. The Economist

“I’m single by market conditions—currently experiencing a bullish trend on self-love and personal growth investments.”

This economic analogy suggests that being single is a strategic choice focused on personal development, with a humorous financial twist.

23. The Art Collector

“My heart is like a gallery, currently not featuring a partner exhibit. But the self-portraits are quite stunning!”

By comparing your single status to an art gallery, you highlight the value of self-appreciation and personal identity, humorously implying there’s no need for an additional exhibit.

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24. The Gardener

“I’m single like a daisy in a field of roses—just as beautiful, but enjoying the room to grow on my own.”

Using a gardening metaphor, this response celebrates individuality and personal growth without the need for a relationship.

25. The Sailor

“I’m navigating the single seas. Haven’t dropped anchor yet, but enjoying the voyage!”

This nautical response implies that you’re enjoying the journey of being single and aren’t in a rush to settle down.

26. The Historian

“Currently, I’m in a solitary era. Think of it as the ‘Single Ages’, not quite the Dark Ages, but definitely a time of self-discovery.”

A humorous historical twist, implying that this period of singleness is significant for personal growth, much like a distinct era in history.

27. The Mystic

“I’m single as a tarot card, and it seems the stars have aligned to keep me in ‘The Hermit’ mode for a spell.”

With a touch of mysticism, this response suggests that being single is a part of your current spiritual journey.


By replying with humor and a touch of creativity, these responses to “Are you single?” allow you to maintain the upper hand in the conversation, steering the topic away from your relationship status to the amusement of your audience.

These playful retorts celebrate the joys of singleness, asserting that while you may be unattached, your life is full, rich, and amusing in its own right.