20 Things to Say When Someone Says You’re Gorgeous

Receiving a compliment, especially one about your appearance, can sometimes leave you at a loss for words. As an experienced English language teacher and a professional in business communication, I understand the importance of responding in a way that is gracious, appropriate, and reflective of your personal or professional brand.

It’s essential to acknowledge the compliment, whether it’s in a casual setting or a more formal environment. Here are 20 ways to respond when someone says you’re gorgeous, each tailored to different situations and comfort levels.

What to Say When Someone Says You’re Gorgeous: 20 Ideas

what to say when someone says you're gorgeous

1. Simple Thank You

“Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you to say.”

This is a universally appropriate response. It’s polite, humble, and suitable for both personal and professional settings. It shows appreciation without over-emphasizing the compliment.

2. Returning the Compliment

“Thank you! You look fantastic yourself.”

If you feel comfortable, returning a compliment can be a nice way to engage further. It creates a positive exchange and can be particularly effective in social situations.

3. Acknowledge with Humor

“Thanks! I guess I cleaned up well today!”

Using humor to respond to a compliment can lighten the conversation. This approach is best used in casual settings where a relaxed atmosphere is already established.

4. Express Surprise

“Oh, wow! Thank you, I wasn’t expecting such a nice compliment!”

Expressing surprise adds a touch of genuineness to your response. It’s appropriate when you genuinely feel taken aback by the compliment.

5. Credit to Your Stylist or Make-up

“Thank you! I must say, my stylist/make-up artist did a great job, didn’t they?”

This response shifts some of the credit to someone else, which can be particularly suitable if you are in a professional setting or at a formal event.

6. Mention the Effort

“Thank you! I put a lot of effort into getting ready, so I appreciate your words.”

Acknowledging the effort you put into your appearance can be a good response, especially if you are at a special event where dressing up is expected.

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7. Show Gratitude with a Smile

“Thanks a lot!” (with a warm smile)

Sometimes, a simple thank you with a genuine smile is all that’s needed. This response is appropriate in almost any situation.

8. Express Shared Happiness

“Thank you! You’ve just made my day even better.”

Letting the person know that their compliment has brightened your day is a lovely way to respond. It’s suitable for both casual and semi-formal interactions.

9. Acknowledge Regular Effort

“Thanks! I try to present myself well every day, so I’m glad you noticed.”

This response is particularly apt in a professional setting where personal branding and appearance are important.

10. Compliment the Occasion

“Thank you! It’s a special occasion, so I had to rise to the occasion.”

Use this response when you are at an event or celebration. It acknowledges the effort you put in because of the event’s significance.

11. Refer to a New Style

“Thanks! I was trying out a new style today, so I’m glad you think it works.”

If you’ve changed your look or are experimenting with something new, this response is both relevant and engaging.

12. Modesty with a Twist

“Thank you, you’re too kind. I think it’s just the lighting in here!”

A modest response with a playful twist is perfect for casual conversations where you want to keep the mood light and humorous.

13. Acknowledge Family Genes

“Thanks! I have my parents to thank for good genes.”

This is a modest way to accept a compliment while humorously crediting your family’s genetics. It’s suitable for a light-hearted, informal conversation.

14. Focus on Inner Beauty

“Thank you! I believe true beauty comes from within, though.”

This response shifts the focus from physical appearance to inner beauty. It’s thoughtful and deep, ideal for a more meaningful conversation.

15. Reference Your Mood

“Thanks! I feel really good today, and they say happiness is the best beauty secret.”

When you tie your appearance to your mood, it shows a positive and holistic approach to beauty. This response is great in a friendly, informal setting.

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16. Casual and Playful

“Thank you! Must be the new shampoo I’m using.”

A playful response like this is perfect when you want to respond in a casual and humorous way, especially with friends or in a relaxed environment.

17. Compliment Your Outfit

“Thank you! I’m glad my outfit choice today was a hit.”

This is a good way to shift the focus to your fashion sense, particularly when you are proud of or want to highlight your outfit.

18. Professional Gratitude

“Thank you, that’s very generous of you. I believe in always being presentable.”

In a professional setting, this response acknowledges the compliment while aligning it with your professional ethos.

19. Tie It to Confidence

“Thanks! When I feel confident, I think it shows.”

This response is empowering. It links your appearance to confidence, suggesting a strong self-awareness.

20. Acknowledge Daily Routine

“Thank you! Just part of my regular routine, but I’m glad it stands out.”

Use this when you want to convey that looking good is a part of your daily life. It’s down-to-earth yet acknowledges the compliment gracefully.


In each of these scenarios, the key is to respond in a way that is authentic to you and suitable for the context of the interaction. Whether you choose humor, modesty, gratitude, or a combination of these, your response should reflect your personality and the nature of your relationship with the person complimenting you.