20 Things to Say When Someone Is Moving Away

Moving away, whether for a new job, education, or personal reasons, is a significant life change not just for the person moving but also for those they are leaving behind.

Expressing your feelings when someone is moving away can be challenging. You want to convey your best wishes, yet acknowledge the change and the impact it will have.

what to say when someone is moving away

20 Things to Say When Someone Is Moving Away

Here, I’ll share 20 things you can say to someone moving away, each with an explanation of why it’s appropriate and the best context to use it.

1. Expressing Good Luck

“I wish you all the best in your new adventure. I know you’ll do great things there!”

This response is universally appropriate. It’s positive, supportive, and works in both personal and professional contexts. It shows you believe in their capabilities and future success.

2. Acknowledging the Relationship

“You’re going to be missed a lot. I’ve really cherished our time together.”

When you have a close relationship with the person moving, this response is fitting. It emphasizes the value of your time spent together and acknowledges the emotional impact of their departure.

3. Offering Continued Support

“Remember, just because you’re moving doesn’t mean I’m not here for you. Call me anytime you need to talk.”

This is a comforting response, particularly if the person moving is a close friend or family member. It reassures them that distance won’t change your relationship.

4. Reflecting on Shared Memories

“Think of all the incredible memories we’ve made! I can’t wait to hear about all the new ones you’re going to create.”

This response is both nostalgic and optimistic. It’s great for a friend or colleague and balances past shared experiences with enthusiasm for their future ones.

5. Encouraging New Experiences

“Embrace all the new experiences and adventures that await you. This is just the beginning!”

Perfect for someone who is excited about the move, this response encourages embracing change and looking forward to new opportunities.

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6. Acknowledging the Sadness

“It’s hard to say goodbye, but I’m really happy for you. This is a great step forward.”

Use this when you want to express that you’re going to miss them but are also happy for their new opportunity. It’s honest and shows genuine care.

7. Promising to Keep in Touch

“Let’s make a pact to keep in touch. I want to hear all about your new life there!”

This response is ideal if you have a close relationship and want to maintain it. It’s a promise to stay connected regardless of the distance.

8. Offering Help

“If there’s anything I can do to help with your move, just let me know. I’m here for you.”

This is a practical and supportive response, especially if the person moving is a close friend or family member. It shows your willingness to assist during this transition.

9. Welcoming Future Visits

“You better have a guest room ready for me! I can’t wait to come and visit.”

A light-hearted response like this is perfect for a close friend. It adds humor and sets the stage for future visits, keeping the relationship positive.

10. Complimenting Their Bravery

“It takes a lot of courage to make a move like this. I’m really proud of you.”

This is a great response when someone is making a big, potentially life-changing move. It acknowledges the courage it takes to embark on such a journey.

11. Wishing Happiness and Joy

“I hope your new home is filled with joy, laughter, and wonderful new friends.”

This is a heartfelt wish that works well for anyone, whether a close friend or a colleague. It’s a nice way of saying you hope they find happiness in their new environment.

12. Sharing Hope for Their Success

“Here’s to your success in your new city! I have no doubt you’re going to be amazing.”

Use this response for someone moving for a job or career opportunity. It shows confidence in their abilities and future success.

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13. Acknowledging Mixed Emotions

“I have mixed feelings – sad for me, but excited for you. You’re going to have such a great experience.”

This response is appropriate when you’re close to the person moving. It’s okay to express that you have mixed emotions about their departure.

14. Reminiscing About the Past

“We’ve had some great times here together. Those memories will always be cherished.”

A response like this is suitable when you have a history of shared experiences. It shows that you value the past while looking forward to their future.

15. Commenting on Their Journey

“Life is a journey with so many different paths. I’m excited to see where this one takes you.”

This philosophical response is appropriate for someone who views the move as part of their life’s journey. It’s supportive and thoughtful.

16. Emphasizing Personal Growth

“This move is a big step for you. I’m looking forward to seeing how much you grow from this experience.”

Use this when someone is moving for personal growth or development. It shows you recognize the importance of the move in their personal journey.

17. Sharing Excitement for Their Future

“I can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures. Your future is so bright!”

This enthusiastic response is perfect for someone who is excited about their move. It shares in their excitement and looks forward to their future.

18. Offering a Supportive Ear

“If you ever feel homesick or just want to talk, I’m always just a phone call away.”

For someone who might be feeling apprehensive about the move, this response offers comfort and ongoing support.

19. Wishing Them a Fond Farewell

“As you start this new chapter in your life, I wish you all the best. Farewell, my friend.”

This is a formal yet heartfelt goodbye, suitable for a colleague or acquaintance. It conveys good wishes in a respectful manner.

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20. Celebrating Their New Beginning

“Here’s to new beginnings and exciting opportunities. Cheers to your next chapter!”

This response is celebratory and positive, ideal for a going-away party or a more informal farewell. It’s a toast to their future.


In each of these scenarios, the key is to convey your feelings honestly while focusing on the positive aspects of their move. Your words can provide comfort, support, and encouragement as they embark on this new chapter in their life.

Remember, the right words can make a significant difference in easing the transition and strengthening your relationship, despite the distance.