20 Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

Has anyone ever called you a snake? In the world of insults, being compared to a slippery, slithering reptile isn’t exactly a compliment. It suggests deceit, betrayal, or untrustworthiness.

But, who says you need to take it lying down—or in this case, slithering away? With a bit of wit and humor, you can turn this jab into a moment of levity, disarm the insulter, and maybe even charm the audience around you. Below are 20 clever and funny retorts for when someone decides to call you a snake.

what to say when someone calls you a snake

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake: 20 Ideas

Whether you choose to embrace the comparison or flip the script, these responses are designed to keep things light-hearted and show that words can only hurt if you let them.

1. “I guess that makes me pretty charming then, doesn’t it?”

Snakes are often seen as charming, especially in the way snake charmers captivate them. This witty comeback plays on that idea, suggesting that if you’re a snake, you must possess a certain allure. It’s perfect for deflecting the insult with a bit of self-deprecating humor.

2. “Better a snake than a headless chicken, at least I know where I’m going.”

This response cleverly turns the table, suggesting that while you may be called a snake, you’re focused and know your direction, unlike a headless chicken running around aimlessly. It’s a good way to imply that you’re strategic and purposeful in your actions.

3. “Oh, I’m a snake? I thought I was more of a social butterfly.”

By pretending to be confused about which animal you’ve been likened to, this quip lightens the mood. It’s a humorous way to dismiss the insult, suggesting you see yourself in a completely different, more positive light.

4. “Well, I do excel in shedding old habits and growing new ones.”

Snakes shed their skin to grow, and this comeback embraces the snake comparison to highlight personal growth and renewal. It’s a clever twist that turns the insult into a compliment about your ability to evolve.

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5. “I always wanted to be part of a zodiac. Thanks for the honor!”

Referencing the Chinese zodiac, where the snake is one of the 12 animals, this retort treats the insult as an unintended compliment. It’s an effective way to brush off the negativity with cultural wit.

6. “Thank you, I’ve been working on my flexibility.”

Snakes are known for their flexibility, and this reply takes the comparison in stride, choosing to take it as a comment on physical or metaphorical adaptability. It’s a light-hearted way to acknowledge the comment without taking offense.

7. “If I’m a snake, you must be fascinated by wildlife. Want to join my fan club?”

This response playfully suggests that the insulter has an interest in you, akin to a fascination with exotic animals. It flips the script, making it seem like their insult is actually a sign of their admiration.

8. “Being called a snake? I’ll sssslide right past that comment.”

Embracing the hiss sound snakes make, this witty comeback uses wordplay to indicate you’re unbothered by the insult and will simply ignore it. It’s a fun way to show that the comment doesn’t sting.

9. “I see you’re into animal comparisons. How’s life in the zoo?”

By questioning the insulter’s propensity for animal comparisons, this retort humorously suggests they live in a “zoo” of their own making. It’s a clever way to point out the absurdity of the insult.

10. “Careful, I might just charm my way into your heart.”

Playing on the snake charmer theme, this comeback humorously warns that you might end up winning them over despite their attempt to insult you. It’s a playful way to suggest that their words have no power over you.

11. “Oh, I’m a snake? Must be why I’m so good at navigating the grass.”

This response cleverly hints at being savvy and able to handle tricky situations or “grass” effectively. It’s a way to own the insult and turn it into a testament to your resilience and cunning.

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12. “Snakes are symbols of transformation and healing, so thank you!”

Emphasizing the positive symbolism associated with snakes in various cultures, this retort transforms the insult into a compliment about your ability to heal and renew. It’s an enlightened way to sidestep the negativity.

13. “Last I checked, snakes don’t text back. So, who’s the real snake here?”

This comeback is perfect for a humorous jab at someone who calls you a snake in a text or online message, suggesting that by not responding, they’re the ones exhibiting snake-like behavior. It’s a modern twist that’s bound to elicit laughs.

14. “I prefer to think of myself as more of a dragon, but I’ll take snake as a compliment.”

Elevating yourself from a snake to a mythical dragon, this response implies that you’re not just cunning, but powerful and mythical. It’s a grandiose way to dismiss the insult with fantasy flair.

15. “If I’m a snake, at least I’m at the top of my game in the animal kingdom.”

This reply suggests that being a snake puts you in a position of strength and cunning in the “animal kingdom” of human interactions. It’s a confident way to accept the comparison while implying superiority.

16. “Snakes are resourceful. I’m flattered by your observation of my skills.”

Acknowledging the insult as a backhanded compliment on your resourcefulness, this comeback shows you’re unfazed and even agree with the notion that you’re skilled and adaptable.

17. “I must be shedding my skin; I barely recognized the insult.”

This retort uses the concept of shedding skin as a metaphor for personal growth, suggesting that insults no longer affect you as they once might have. It’s a mature way to indicate you’ve moved beyond petty remarks.

18. “A snake, eh? At least I know I’m on the right path. Even in Eden, the snake knew what was up.”

Referencing the biblical story of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, this witty comeback implies that being a snake means you’re knowledgeable and aware, even in situations of temptation and controversy.

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19. “Guess I’m in good company then. History’s full of charming snakes.”

This response puts a positive spin on the insult by suggesting that many influential and charismatic figures could be considered “snakes,” aligning yourself with a group of successful, if controversial, individuals.

20. “Wow, calling me a snake? I’m slithering all the way to the bank with that one.”

Turning the insult into a joke about success, this comeback implies that being a “snake” has its financial benefits, suggesting that whatever traits they’re criticizing are actually helping you succeed.


In the dance of dialogue, being called a snake isn’t the end of the world. With these witty comebacks, you can turn a potential sting into a moment of laughter, proving that, in the end, words only have the power you give them.