25 Things to Say Instead of “Best of Luck”

The English language is a vibrant and diverse language, brimming with a multitude of expressions, phrases, and idioms. One of the most commonly used expressions is “Best of Luck,” typically conveyed to wish someone success in an upcoming event or endeavor.

However, variety is the spice of life, and so should be the case with our language. This article is dedicated to broadening your linguistic horizons by exploring 25 alternative phrases that convey the same sentiment as “Best of Luck.”

What to Say Instead of “Best of Luck” (25 Alternatives)

what to say instead of best of luck

1. “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Borrowed from the popular novel and film series “The Hunger Games,” this phrase injects a bit of pop culture into your well-wishes. It not only communicates your desire for the person to succeed but also evokes a sense of camaraderie, suggesting you are on their side.

_”May the odds be ever in your favor,” she said, smiling at him as he left for his job interview.

2. “Go forth and conquer.”

This alternative carries a weight of confidence and bravery. It has historical roots, and it implies that you believe the person has the strength and ability to overcome whatever challenge they are about to face.

_”Go forth and conquer,” he encouraged his friend as they prepared for the big game.

3. “Wishing you all the success.”

This phrase directly implies a desire for the person to succeed in their undertaking. It is formal and heartfelt, making it perfect for professional settings or when a bit of extra sincerity is called for.

_”Wishing you all the success,” she whispered to her husband before his business presentation.

4. “Break a leg.”

A classic phrase, primarily used in the world of theater to wish someone good luck. Despite its seemingly negative connotation, it is a positive phrase born out of superstitious belief.

_”Break a leg,” he joked to his actress friend before her big performance.

5. “Knock ’em dead.”

This phrase is full of energy and motivation. It communicates not just a hope for success, but an encouragement for the person to really impress and outshine others in whatever they’re about to undertake.

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_”Knock ’em dead,” she said with a grin as he walked onto the stage.

6. “You’ve got this.”

Simple, yet powerful. This phrase provides not just well-wishes, but affirmation of one’s abilities and assurance that they have the skills and talent to succeed.

_”You’ve got this,” he said, giving her a reassuring pat on the back before the exam.

7. “May your efforts be rewarded.”

A gentle, sincere phrase that recognizes the effort the person is putting into their endeavor, it wishes not just for success, but that their hard work will pay off.

_”May your efforts be rewarded,” she said to her son as he spent long nights studying for his final exams.

8. “Here’s to your success.”

A toast-like expression often used in formal or celebratory settings, it implies a certainty of success, as if you are already celebrating their victory.

_”Here’s to your success,” he proposed, raising his glass at his colleague’s farewell party.

9. “I’m rooting for you.”

A more informal and friendly phrase, it communicates that you’re supporting and cheering for the person’s success.

_”I’m rooting for you,” she shouted from the sidelines as her best friend ran the marathon.

10. “You have what it takes.”

An empowering expression that not only wishes success but also acknowledges the person’s abilities and potential. It affirms their capability to achieve what they’re setting out to do.

_”You have what it takes,” he told his daughter before her first day at a new school.

11. “May success follow you.”

This phrase is poetic and somewhat mystical, implying that success is an entity that can choose to follow someone. It is a good choice when you want to add a touch of creativity or eloquence to your well-wishes.

_”May success follow you,” she murmured as he embarked on his new business venture.

12. “Go get ’em, tiger.”

A lively and spirited phrase that not only wishes for success, but also injects energy and confidence. Ideal for casual and close relationships.

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_”Go get ’em, tiger,” he said, playfully nudging his brother before the basketball match.

13. “May you shine bright.”

An expression that not only wishes for someone’s success, but also for them to stand out and impress others. It has a warm, positive connotation that makes it appropriate for various situations.

_”May you shine bright,” she said to her student before the speech competition.

14. “You were made for this.”

This phrase emphasizes the person’s capability and readiness for the task ahead. It’s a phrase of reassurance that communicates your belief in their skills and potential.

_”You were made for this,” he said to his team before the project presentation.

15. “May fortune favor you.”

A bit more old-fashioned and formal, this phrase suggests that you’re wishing for the forces of luck and fortune to be on the person’s side.

_”May fortune favor you,” she said, giving her grandson a knowing look before his chess tournament.

16. “Give it your all.”

This phrase motivates the person to give their best effort in order to achieve success. It implies your belief in their dedication and effort.

_”Give it your all,” he said, clapping his friend on the back before the dance performance.

17. “You’re going to do great.”

A straightforward phrase that expresses both a wish for success and a confident prediction that success is likely.

_”You’re going to do great,” she assured her nervous co-worker before the meeting.

18. “Seize the day.”

A phrase that encourages the person to make the most of their opportunities and to approach the task ahead with determination and confidence.

_”Seize the day,” he whispered to his sister before her university interview.

19. “Believe in yourself.”

More than just wishing for success, this phrase encourages the person to have faith in their own abilities and potential. It can be a powerful motivational boost.

_”Believe in yourself,” she said to her daughter before the singing audition.

20. “Make the most of it.”

This phrase encourages the person to fully utilize the opportunity at hand, implying that success can come from effort and a positive attitude.

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_”Make the most of it,” he advised his son as he left for his internship.

21. “You’re a force to be reckoned with.”

This phrase compliments the person’s strengths and skills while simultaneously wishing them success. It’s ideal for expressing confidence in someone’s capabilities.

_”You’re a force to be reckoned with,” she said, watching her colleague prepare for the debate.

22. “You’re destined for great things.”

This expression predicts not just success in the upcoming event, but in the person’s overall future. It’s a statement of belief in their long-term potential.

_”You’re destined for great things,” he told his mentee, a promising young writer.

23. “You can move mountains.”

A powerful and dramatic phrase, it not only wishes for success, but it also emphasizes the belief that the person is capable of achieving monumental tasks. It is an encouragement that can significantly boost morale.

_”You can move mountains,” she said, watching her daughter practice for the ballet recital.

24. “May the force be with you.”

A lighthearted phrase borrowed from the Star Wars universe. It’s a fun way to wish someone good luck, especially if they are a fan of the series.

_”May the force be with you,” he joked to his friend who was preparing for a challenging physics exam.

25. “Carry the day.”

This expression, derived from the Latin phrase “carpe diem,” encourages the person to take control of the situation and achieve success. It’s a classy, elegant way to express your well-wishes.

_”Carry the day,” she said, wishing her teammate luck for the upcoming project pitch.

By incorporating these phrases into your vocabulary, not only will you enhance your linguistic abilities, but you will also add a fresh spin to your well-wishes. Remember, language is a tool for expressing thought and emotion.

The more ways we have to convey these sentiments, the richer our interactions become. So, don’t limit yourself to “Best of Luck.” Get creative, and express your well-wishes in ways as unique as the people you’re wishing luck to!