25 Polite Ways to Say “Only Take One”

One of the hallmarks of effective communication is the ability to express instructions or limitations in a polite and respectful manner.

Telling someone to “Only take one” can sometimes sound abrupt or imperious. Luckily, there are many alternative phrases that convey the same message in a more courteous way.

polite ways to say only take one

25 Polite Ways to Say, “Only Take One”

In this article, we’ll explore 25 ways to say “Take only one” that keep your interactions considerate and civil.

1. “Please help yourself to one.”

This phrase is a polite way of instructing someone to take only one item. It is phrased as an invitation, making it sound less restrictive.

Example: We have some sample products on the table, Lisa. Please help yourself to one.

2. “Feel free to take one.”

This is another gracious way of limiting the quantity someone can take, while maintaining a friendly tone.

Example: We’ve brought cookies for everyone, Mike. Feel free to take one.

3. “You’re welcome to one.”

This phrase is a polite way of giving permission to take one item, making it a good choice for a more formal setting.

Example: We have brochures available, Mrs. Johnson. You’re welcome to one.

4. “Please limit yourself to one.”

This phrase is a direct but polite way to instruct someone to take only one item.

Example: There are samples of our new fragrance, David. Please limit yourself to one.

5. “One per person, please.”

This phrase is commonly used in situations where many people are present and you want to ensure everyone gets one.

Example: We’re handing out flyers for the concert. One per person, please.

6. “We’re asking everyone to take just one.”

This phrase makes it clear that the same rule applies to everyone, making it feel fair and equal.

Example: We’ve got a limited supply of books, Anna. We’re asking everyone to take just one.

7. “One is available for each person.”

This phrase formalizes the one-item-per-person rule, making it suitable for professional or official settings.

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Example: We have complimentary pens at the conference, Dr. Anderson. One is available for each person.

8. “I’d appreciate it if you could take one.”

This phrase personalizes the request, adding a note of personal courtesy to the instruction.

Example: I’ve brought snacks for the study group, Jack. I’d appreciate it if you could take one.

9. “We request that you take only one.”

This phrase is more formal, making it suitable for events or environments with an official tone.

Example: We’re distributing product catalogues, Ms. Lopez. We request that you take only one.

10. “Please take one for now.”

This phrase implies that more may be available later, which can help to soften the limitation.

Example: We have free tickets for the show, Sam. Please take one for now.

11. “Feel free to choose one.”

This phrase emphasizes choice rather than limitation, making it a softer way to restrict the quantity.

Example: We have several types of chocolates, Emily. Feel free to choose one.

12. “Kindly restrict yourself to one.”

Although this phrase is quite direct, the use of “kindly” makes it sound polite and respectful.

Example: We’re sharing test samples, Mr. Patel. Kindly restrict yourself to one.

13. “One to a customer, please.”

This phrase is particularly useful in retail or service environments where there is a limit per customer.

Example: We have a special offer today, sir. One to a customer, please.

14. “Please, only one per individual.”

This phrase is a more formal way to say “one per person,” making it a good fit for professional or formal events.

Example: We’re giving out commemorative badges at the ceremony, Prof. Clark. Please, only one per individual.

15. “Please be considerate and take only one.”

This phrase appeals to the person’s consideration for others, encouraging them to limit their own share.

Example: We’ve baked cookies for everyone in the dorm, Kate. Please be considerate and take only one.

16. “Please select one of your choice.”

This phrase not only instructs to take only one but also gives a sense of freedom to the listener to choose as per their liking.

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Example: We have a variety of souvenirs, Mr. Smith. Please select one of your choice.

17. “Please adhere to the one per person rule.”

This phrase provides a direct yet polite way of setting a limitation. It’s particularly useful in situations where a rule has been set, and you’re reminding others of it.

Example: In regards to the sample cosmetics, ladies. Please adhere to the one per person rule.

18. “We encourage everyone to take only one.”

This phrase not only establishes the limitation but also includes a positive reinforcement, encouraging everyone to follow the set limit.

Example: We have promotional t-shirts for the event, audience. We encourage everyone to take only one.

19. “May I offer you one?”

Presenting the limitation as an offer makes the restriction seem less, well, restrictive. It’s a very polite way to imply that they should only take one.

Example: You seem interested in our gourmet chocolates, madam. May I offer you one?

20. “Please ensure you take one.”

By using ‘ensure’, you’re politely requesting the listener to restrict themselves to one while showing that you trust them to follow this instruction.

Example: We have packets of seeds for all our guests, Bill. Please ensure you take one.

21. “I kindly ask you to take one.”

Here, you’re making a personal request, which can often be more effective and polite than simply stating a rule or limitation.

Example: We’ve brought homemade cupcakes, Sarah. I kindly ask you to take one.

22. “You are invited to take one.”

Phrasing the limitation as an invitation makes it sound more welcoming and less like a strict rule.

Example: We have a collection of recipe cards on the counter, guests. You are invited to take one.

23. “We appreciate your understanding in taking only one.”

This statement not only instructs but also appreciates the listener’s understanding in advance. It’s a clever way to expect compliance while being polite.

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Example: We’re giving out free samples of our new beverage, folks. We appreciate your understanding in taking only one.

24. “We’d be grateful if you could take just one.”

By expressing gratitude, you’re indicating that the listener’s compliance would be a favor to you. This makes the instruction seem less like a demand and more like a request.

Example: We’re distributing charity wristbands, John. We’d be grateful if you could take just one.

25. “Kindly choose one to enjoy.”

This statement is another way of giving a polite instruction. By focusing on the enjoyment part, it takes the focus off the limitation.

Example: We have an array of sample perfumes, ma’am. Kindly choose one to enjoy.

By using these phrases, you can convey the message of “Only take one” in a polite and respectful manner. The key lies in framing the limitation as an invitation, request, or rule that applies to everyone equally. It’s all about making others feel respected, even when you need to impose certain restrictions.