25 Things to Say Instead of “Rest in Peace”

In times of loss and mourning, finding the right words to express condolences can be challenging. The phrase “Rest in Peace” is a traditional way of wishing eternal peace to someone who has passed away.

However, there are many ways to express sympathy and respect for the deceased and their loved ones. Different cultures, religions, and individuals may resonate more with certain expressions than others. It’s important to choose words that are sensitive to the bereaved’s feelings and aligned with the deceased’s beliefs or personality.

things to say instead of rest in peace

25 Things to Say Instead of “Rest in Peace”

Below are 25 alternative phrases to “Rest in Peace,” explaining the appropriateness of each response and when it’s best to use them.

1. May Their Memory Be a Blessing

May their memory be a blessing and continue to inspire love and kindness in all of us.

“May their memory be a blessing” is a phrase rooted in Jewish tradition, often used as a way to honor the deceased. It is appropriate in contexts where the focus is on keeping the memory of the person alive in a positive and inspirational way.

2. They Will Be Sorely Missed

They will be sorely missed, as their presence brought joy and wisdom to all who knew them.

“They will be sorely missed” is a phrase that acknowledges the impact of the loss on family, friends, and community. It is suitable when expressing how deeply the absence of the deceased is felt.

3. Forever in Our Hearts

Forever in our hearts, their legacy and spirit will continue to guide us.

“Forever in our hearts” conveys the idea that the deceased will always be remembered and cherished. It’s a comforting phrase, suggesting that the loved one’s influence and memory will never fade.

4. May They Rest in Power

May they rest in power, having made a significant impact in our world.

“May they rest in power” is a phrase often used to honor someone who was a fighter, an activist, or someone who had a significant impact on others. It suggests that their influence and spirit remain strong, even in death.

5. In Loving Memory

In loving memory of a remarkable person who touched the lives of many.

“In loving memory” is a classic and respectful way to refer to the deceased, emphasizing love and remembrance. It’s often used in obituaries, memorials, and tributes.

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6. Their Legacy Lives On

Their legacy lives on through their good works and the love they shared.

“Their legacy lives on” is an appropriate phrase when the deceased has left behind a significant impact, whether through their profession, charitable work, or in the lives of their loved ones.

7. May They Find Eternal Rest

May they find eternal rest, free from pain and suffering.

“May they find eternal rest” is a phrase that expresses a wish for peace and comfort for the deceased. It’s suitable in contexts where there is a belief in an afterlife or a spiritual continuation after death.

8. Gone But Never Forgotten

Gone but never forgotten, their memories will always be cherished and remembered.

“Gone but never forgotten” is a phrase that emphasizes the enduring memory of the deceased. It is appropriate in situations where the emphasis is on continuing to remember and honor the person who has passed.

9. They Live on in Our Memories

They live on in our memories, and in the impact they had on our lives.

“They live on in our memories” is a comforting phrase that suggests that the deceased continues to be a part of the lives of those who remember them. It’s particularly fitting in eulogies or remembrance speeches.

10. May Their Soul Be at Peace

May their soul be at peace, finding tranquility and serenity in the beyond.

“May their soul be at peace” is a phrase that expresses a wish for the deceased’s spiritual peace. It’s suitable for contexts where there is a belief in the soul’s journey after death.

11. In Remembrance of a Life Well Lived

In remembrance of a life well lived, full of love, joy, and meaningful connections.

“In remembrance of a life well lived” is a phrase that celebrates the deceased’s life rather than focusing solely on their death. It’s appropriate for commemorating and honoring the life and achievements of the deceased.

12. Until We Meet Again

Until we meet again, may they rest in serenity and love.

“Until we meet again” expresses a hope or belief in being reunited with the deceased in the future. It’s a phrase that can offer comfort, particularly in religious or spiritual contexts.

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13. With Deepest Sympathy

With deepest sympathy, we remember the extraordinary life they led.

“With deepest sympathy” is a traditional and formal way to begin a condolence message. It’s appropriate for sympathy cards, letters, or in verbal condolences.

14. Their Spirit Lives On

Their spirit lives on through the kindness and compassion they showed to everyone.

“Their spirit lives on” is a phrase that emphasizes the continuing influence and presence of the deceased’s character and actions in the lives of those who knew them.

15. A Life to Be Celebrated

A life to be celebrated, as they left a mark of love and generosity on this world.

“A life to be celebrated” is a phrase that encourages a focus on the positive aspects and accomplishments of the deceased’s life. It’s fitting for funerals or memorial services that aim to celebrate the life of the deceased rather than mourn their death.

16. They Have Found Peace

They have found peace now, and may we find comfort in our memories of them.

“They have found peace” is a phrase that suggests the deceased is no longer suffering or in pain. It’s a comforting expression, particularly in cases where the deceased had been ill or in distress.

17. A True Inspiration to Us All

A true inspiration to us all, their life’s work and passion will not be forgotten.

“A true inspiration to us all” is a phrase that honors the deceased’s influence and impact. It’s suitable when speaking about someone who was a role model or an influential figure.

18. In Honored Remembrance

In honored remembrance of a wonderful person who enriched our lives in countless ways.

“In honored remembrance” is a formal and respectful phrase, emphasizing the honor and respect the speaker holds for the deceased. It’s appropriate for commemorations, tributes, and memorials.

19. They Brought Joy to All Who Knew Them

They brought joy to all who knew them, and we will treasure the moments spent together.

“They brought joy to all who knew them” is a phrase that focuses on the positive impact the deceased had on others. It’s suitable for expressing personal memories and the emotional legacy left behind.

20. A Gentle Soul, Now at Rest

A gentle soul, now at rest, they brought light and warmth into our lives.

“A gentle soul, now at rest” is a tender and affectionate way to describe the deceased, emphasizing their kindness and the peace they have found in death.

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21. Your Memory Will Always Be With Us

Your memory will always be with us, guiding and inspiring our days.

“Your memory will always be with us” is a phrase that conveys the lasting impact of the deceased on the lives of the bereaved. It’s fitting for expressing how the deceased will continue to influence and inspire.

22. A Remarkable Life Remembered

A remarkable life remembered, their stories and achievements will live on through us.

“A remarkable life remembered” is a phrase that pays tribute to the deceased’s achievements and the stories that defined their life. It’s suitable for celebrating a life that had a significant impact on others.

23. Cherished in Our Hearts Forever

Cherished in our hearts forever, their love and wisdom will always be a part of us.

“Cherished in our hearts forever” is a phrase that expresses enduring love and remembrance. It’s a comforting expression, suitable for conveying the lasting emotional connection with the deceased.

24. Leaving a Legacy of Love

Leaving a legacy of love, they showed us the true meaning of kindness and compassion.

“Leaving a legacy of love” is a phrase that highlights the positive impact and emotional legacy left by the deceased. It’s appropriate when reflecting on how the person positively influenced others through their actions and character.

25. In Gratitude for Their Life

In gratitude for their life, we celebrate the time we had and the joy they brought.

“In gratitude for their life” is a phrase that focuses on gratitude and appreciation for the time spent with the deceased. It’s fitting for expressions of thankfulness for the experiences shared and the lessons learned from the deceased.


In conclusion, expressing condolences and paying tribute to someone who has passed away is a deeply personal and sensitive matter. The phrases provided in this article offer a range of alternatives to “Rest in Peace,” each bringing its own nuance and depth.

These expressions can be used to convey sympathy, respect, remembrance, and honor in a way that is mindful of the bereaved’s feelings and the deceased’s legacy.