25 Things to Say Instead of “Following Up”

In the world of business communication, the phrase “following up” is commonly used to refer to the act of checking in or reminding someone about a previous interaction or unresolved matter. While this phrase is undoubtedly useful, it can sometimes come across as overly formal or impersonal.

Additionally, in certain contexts, it might imply impatience or urgency that may not be intended. Varying your language can not only add nuance to your communication but can also make your approach seem more thoughtful and tailored to the situation.

things to say instead of following up

25 Things to Say Instead of “Following Up”

This article provides 25 alternative phrases to “following up,” each explained in detail regarding their appropriateness and the contexts in which they are best used.

1. Checking In On

Checking in on the status of our last meeting’s action items to ensure we’re on track.

“Checking in on” is a gentler alternative to “following up.” It conveys a sense of care and consideration, making it suitable for situations where you want to inquire or remind someone about an issue without sounding too demanding.

2. Circling Back

Circling back to our previous conversation to discuss any new developments or thoughts.

“Circling back” is a colloquial way to revisit a previous discussion. It’s ideal for situations where you wish to re-engage in a conversation or topic that was previously discussed, perhaps with new insights or updates.

3. Touching Base On

Touching base on our last discussion to see if there have been any updates since then.

“Touching base on” is a casual and friendly phrase. It’s great for informal check-ins or when you want to keep the tone light and conversational.

4. Revisiting Our Last Conversation

Revisiting our last conversation to see if there have been any changes or progress.

“Revisiting our last conversation” is a direct yet respectful way to bring up a past discussion. It’s appropriate when you need to address issues or topics that were previously left unresolved or open-ended.

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5. Following Through On

Following through on our agreed actions to ensure everything is proceeding as planned.

“Following through on” suggests a sense of responsibility and commitment. Use this when you want to convey that you are taking proactive steps to ensure the completion of agreed-upon actions.

6. Seeking an Update On

Seeking an update on the project’s progress to ensure all milestones are being met.

“Seeking an update on” is more direct and is suitable when you need specific information or a status update. It is particularly useful in managerial or supervisory contexts.

7. Reconnecting Regarding

Reconnecting regarding the proposal we discussed to gather any further thoughts or feedback.

“Reconnecting regarding” is a good choice for re-establishing contact on a matter that was previously discussed. It’s suitable for when you want to re-engage someone’s attention or input.

8. Inquiring About

Inquiring about the status of your decision on the matter we discussed last week.

“Inquiring about” is a formal and polite way to ask for information or a status update. It’s ideal for professional settings where you need information but want to maintain a courteous tone.

9. Prompting a Reminder About

Prompting a reminder about the upcoming deadline to ensure we are all aligned.

“Prompting a reminder about” is useful when you want to gently remind someone about an upcoming deadline or obligation. It’s a diplomatic way to ensure that important matters are not overlooked.

10. Ensuring We’re Aligned On

Ensuring we’re aligned on the project’s next steps to maintain coordinated efforts.

“Ensuring we’re aligned on” conveys a desire for consistency and coordination. Use this phrase when you want to confirm that everyone involved is on the same page.

11. Requesting Feedback On

Requesting feedback on the recent changes we implemented to understand their impact better.

“Requesting feedback on” is perfect for situations where you’re seeking input or reactions to a recent action or decision. It shows that you value the opinions and insights of others.

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12. Gently Reminding About

Gently reminding about the information requested at our last meeting to keep things moving forward.

“Gently reminding about” is a softer approach to reminders. It’s ideal for situations where you need to prompt someone without coming across as pushy or impatient.

13. Eager to Hear Updates On

Eager to hear updates on the task you took on and any support you might need.

“Eager to hear updates on” expresses enthusiasm and interest. This phrase is suitable when you want to show that you are keenly interested in progress or developments.

14. Interested in Progress On

Interested in progress on the initiatives discussed in our strategy session.

“Interested in progress on” indicates a keenness to know about advancements or developments. Use this when you want to convey genuine interest in the progress of a project or task.

15. Hoping to Discuss

Hoping to discuss the recent developments in the market and how they impact our strategy.

“Hoping to discuss” is a great way to initiate a conversation on a specific topic or issue. It suggests a desire for a discussion rather than just a one-way update.

16. Awaiting an Update On

Awaiting an update on the outcomes of the team’s efforts in the recent campaign.

“Awaiting an update on” is more passive and is appropriate when you expect to receive information without needing to prompt or remind actively.

17. Anticipating Feedback On

Anticipating feedback on the new process implementation to evaluate its effectiveness.

“Anticipating feedback on” conveys a sense of expectation and is suitable for situations where feedback or responses are expected to inform future decisions or actions.

18. Wondering About Progress On

Wondering about progress on the action items we assigned during our last session.

“Wondering about progress on” is a casual and non-intrusive way to ask about the status of something. It’s good for informal check-ins or when you want to keep the communication friendly.

19. Keen to Understand More About

Keen to understand more about the challenges you’re facing with the project and how I can assist.

“Keen to understand more about” implies a deep interest and a willingness to engage more fully with the issue or topic at hand. It’s particularly useful when offering help or support.

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20. Seeking Clarification On

Seeking clarification on the points raised in your last email to ensure accurate understanding.

“Seeking clarification on” is ideal when you need additional information or want to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about a particular issue.

21. Looking for Updates On

Looking for updates on the timeline for the upcoming product launch.

“Looking for updates on” is a straightforward way to ask for information or status updates. It’s suitable in professional contexts where regular updates are expected.

22. Expecting Details On

Expecting details on the finalized contract to proceed with the next steps.

“Expecting details on” communicates that you are awaiting specific information that is due. It’s appropriate in contexts where there is an expectation of receiving certain details or information.

23. Eagerly Awaiting News On

Eagerly awaiting news on the results of the marketing survey to inform our strategy.

“Eagerly awaiting news on” shows excitement and anticipation. It’s a good choice when you are looking forward to receiving information that is of significant interest or importance.

24. Aspiring to Receive Feedback On

Aspiring to receive feedback on the recent changes to our customer service approach.

“Aspiring to receive feedback on” indicates a hopeful and positive expectation of receiving information, particularly feedback. It’s suitable when seeking opinions or reactions to something that has been implemented or proposed.

25. Looking Forward to Hearing About

Looking forward to hearing about the outcomes of the negotiations to plan our next steps accordingly.

“Looking forward to hearing about” is an optimistic and positive phrase. It’s ideal for situations where you anticipate receiving information that will influence future actions or decisions.