What to Say When Reposting on LinkedIn: 20 Ideas

LinkedIn, as a professional networking platform, serves as a vital tool for sharing insights, news, and professional updates. Reposting content on LinkedIn requires a nuanced approach to ensure that it adds value to your network while highlighting your professional perspective.

This article provides 20 ideas for crafting repost messages on LinkedIn, each tailored to different types of content and objectives.

Things to Say When Reposting on LinkedIn

what to say when reposting on linkedin

1. Sharing Industry News

“This recent development in [industry] is quite significant. It highlights [key point], an aspect that we should all be paying attention to. What are your thoughts on this?”

Use this for sharing industry news. It invites engagement by asking for opinions, making your post a starting point for discussion.

2. Endorsing a Thought Leader

“I always find insights from [Author/Thought Leader] to be enlightening. This piece on [topic] is no exception. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in [relevant field or topic].”

Ideal for reposting content from industry leaders. It shows respect for their expertise and encourages your network to explore the topic further.

3. Highlighting a Professional Achievement

“Congratulations to [Person/Company] for [achievement]. This is a testament to their hard work and dedication in [field/industry]. A well-deserved recognition!”

Use this when sharing achievements or milestones. It shows support and appreciation for others’ success.

4. Discussing a Trending Topic

“This article about [trending topic] offers a unique perspective. It’s interesting to see how it connects with [related industry aspect]. What are your views on this trend?”

Best for trending topics. It positions you as someone who is up-to-date and invites others to share their perspectives.

5. Reflecting on a Personal Experience

“This article resonated with me, especially because of my experience with [personal experience]. It sheds light on [specific aspect], something I’ve personally seen the impact of.”

Ideal for connecting personal experiences with professional content. It adds a personal touch and authenticity to your post.

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6. Promoting a Corporate Event or Webinar

“Looking forward to this upcoming event/webinar on [topic] hosted by [organization]. Events like these are great opportunities for learning and networking. Who else is attending?”

Use this for event promotions. It not only publicizes the event but also encourages others to participate.

7. Recommending a Resource or Tool

“I recently came across this [resource/tool] and found it incredibly useful for [specific purpose]. It could be beneficial for anyone looking to improve their [skill or task].”

Best for sharing resources or tools. It’s helpful and provides direct value to your network.

8. Acknowledging a Company Milestone

“A big shout-out to [Company] for reaching [milestone]. Their journey is a great example of [positive attribute such as innovation, resilience]. Kudos to the entire team!”

Ideal for acknowledging company milestones. It’s a way to show support and recognize the efforts of others.

9. Sharing a Case Study or Success Story

“This case study about [company/person] is a perfect example of [specific success or strategy]. It illustrates the importance of [key takeaway] in our industry.”

Use this when sharing case studies. It helps highlight practical applications and real-world success.

10. Commenting on a Thought-Provoking Article

“This article made me think differently about [topic]. The author raises some compelling points about [specific aspect]. It’s a worthwhile read for anyone in [field].”

Best for thought-provoking content. It shows your engagement with deep, meaningful topics.

11. Supporting a Social Cause

“This initiative by [organization/person] on [social cause] is truly inspiring. It’s important for us to be aware and contribute in our own ways. Here’s how you can get involved: [details/link].”

Ideal for social causes. It demonstrates social responsibility and encourages others to get involved.

12. Sharing a Helpful Tutorial or Guide

“If you’re struggling with [issue/challenge], this tutorial/guide offers some excellent solutions. I found the section on [specific part] particularly insightful.”

Use this for educational content. It’s informative and positions you as a helpful resource in your network.

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13. Highlighting a Collaboration or Partnership

“Excited to see the collaboration between [Company A] and [Company B]. This partnership is set to bring [specific benefits or innovations] to [industry/field].”

Best for news about collaborations. It shows your interest in industry developments and partnerships.

14. Sharing a Personal Project or Work

“I’m thrilled to share my latest project/article on [topic]. It explores [key aspects]. I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this.”

Ideal for your own content. It promotes your work while inviting constructive feedback.

15. Discussing a Book or Publication

“Just finished reading [Book Name] by [Author]. It offers remarkable insights into [topic or industry]. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in [relevant field].”

Use this when recommending books. It shares valuable resources while positioning you as well-read and informed.

16. Reflecting on a Conference or Event

“The [Conference/Event Name] was an enlightening experience, especially the session on [specific topic]. It highlighted [key takeaways]. Did anyone else here attend?”

Best for post-event reflections. It shares your experience and invites others to connect over shared interests.

17. Sharing Inspirational Quotes

“This quote by [Author/Leader] really struck a chord with me: ‘[Quote].’ It’s particularly relevant to [situation/industry]. What does it inspire in you?”

Ideal for sharing quotes. It’s a way to inspire and engage your network in a meaningful discussion.

18. Celebrating a Professional Anniversary

“Today marks [number] years since [event/achievement]. It’s been a journey filled with [experiences/learnings]. Here’s to more years of [positive outlook].”

Use this for anniversaries. It reflects on personal growth and celebrates milestones.

19. Offering Industry Tips or Advice

“For those new to [industry/field], here’s something I wish I knew earlier: [advice/tip]. It can make a significant difference in how you approach [specific aspect].”

Best for sharing advice. It’s helpful and establishes your expertise and willingness to support others.

20. Engaging with a Question or Poll

“I’m curious to know your thoughts on [topic/question]. It’s a subject with diverse perspectives in our field. Let’s start a conversation!”

Ideal for engaging your network. It’s interactive and fosters a sense of community.

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Each of these suggestions is crafted to ensure your reposts on LinkedIn are engaging, professional, and aligned with your personal brand. Remember, the key to effective reposting is adding your own insights or questions to spark meaningful conversations.