15 Sample Letters of Request for Housing Accommodation

Often, the first step in securing a place to live is to write a letter of request for housing accommodation. These letters serve as a formal introduction and outline your needs, preferences, and qualifications to potential landlords, property managers, or sellers.

The art of crafting such a letter involves balancing professionalism with personalization, ensuring that your request stands out while maintaining a respectful and formal tone.

sample letters of request for housing accommodation

Sample Letters of Request for Housing Accommodation

Given the variety of circumstances under which one might need housing, it is important to tailor each letter to fit the specific situation.

Below are 15 sample letters, each addressing a different scenario in the realm of housing accommodation requests. These samples serve as a guide to composing effective and professional correspondence in various housing-related contexts.

Sample 1: Request for Rental Accommodation

Dear Property Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the two-bedroom apartment listed on your website at 123 Maple Street. As a responsible and quiet individual, I am seeking a peaceful living environment. I am employed full-time at XYZ Corporation and can provide both a stable income proof and excellent rental references. I am particularly attracted to this apartment due to its proximity to my workplace and the local park. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further.

Kind regards,
Jane Doe

Sample 2: Request for Housing Accommodation Due to Disability

Dear Landlord,

I am interested in renting the apartment at 456 Oak Lane, as advertised. I would like to inform you that I have a physical disability and require certain accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility and grab bars in the bathroom. I am willing to cover any reasonable expenses associated with these modifications. My steady income and previous rental history are testament to my reliability as a tenant. I look forward to discussing how we can make this work for both parties.

Thank you for your consideration,
John Smith

Sample 3: Request for Student Housing

Dear University Housing Office,

As an incoming freshman, I am writing to request accommodation in the university dormitories for the upcoming academic year. I am seeking a quiet, study-friendly environment and would prefer to be placed in a single room or with a roommate who shares similar academic interests. My academic focus is in the sciences, and I am a non-smoker with no pets. Please let me know the next steps in the application process.

Alice Johnson

Sample 4: Request for Family-Sized Rental Housing

Dear Real Estate Agent,

My family and I are in search of a rental home that can accommodate our family of five. We are looking for a property with at least four bedrooms and a safe outdoor space for our children. I am a professional with a stable job, and my spouse works part-time. We have a good rental history and can provide references upon request. A location near schools and parks would be ideal. We are eager to find a place to call home and appreciate your assistance.

Warm regards,
Michael Brown

Sample 5: Request for Pet-Friendly Housing

Dear Landlord,

I am interested in the apartment you have listed on Elm Street and would like to inquire about your pet policy. I have a small, well-trained dog who has been with me for several years. I understand the concerns property owners have regarding pets, and I am willing to pay a pet deposit or obtain pet renter’s insurance if required. I can also provide references from previous landlords regarding my pet’s behavior and my responsibility as a pet owner.

Thank you for considering my request,
Samantha Green

Sample 6: Request for Temporary Housing Due to Renovation

Dear Housing Coordinator,

I am currently undergoing major renovations at my primary residence and am in need of temporary housing for approximately three months. I am looking for a furnished one-bedroom apartment within the city limits. My requirements are basic, but a reliable internet connection is essential as I work remotely. I am a non-smoker and have no pets. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated as my need is urgent.

Best wishes,
Daniel White

Sample 7: Request for Housing Accommodation for Relocation

Dear Relocation Specialist,

I am writing to request assistance in finding housing as part of my relocation to New York City for a new job opportunity. I am seeking a one-bedroom apartment in a safe neighborhood, ideally close to public transportation links. My employer, ABC Company, will be providing a housing allowance, and I can supply all necessary financial documentation. Timeliness is crucial as I am scheduled to start my new position in one month.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Martinez

Sample 8: Request for Senior Housing Accommodation

Dear Housing Manager,

I am a senior citizen looking for accommodation in a community that caters to retirees. My preference is for a one-bedroom apartment with easy access to healthcare facilities and community activities. I am independent but would appreciate information on any available support services. My son, who assists me with financial matters, will be available to discuss the lease and other formalities.

Thank you for your assistance,
George Clark

Sample 9: Request for Affordable Housing

Dear Affordable Housing Program Director,

I am applying for accommodation under the affordable housing scheme due to my limited income. I am currently employed part-time and receive supplemental income from government assistance. A one-bedroom apartment or studio within my budget constraints would be ideal. I am a responsible tenant and can provide references from previous landlords as well as proof of income.

Yours sincerely,
Laura Wilson

Sample 10: Request for Housing Accommodation in a Specific Area

Dear Property Agent,

I am in search of a rental property specifically in the Downtown area due to its proximity to my workplace and my children’s school. I am looking for a three-bedroom house with a lease term of at least one year. I have a stable job in the finance sector and a strong rental history. Your assistance in finding a suitable property would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Kevin Turner

Sample 11: Request for Housing Accommodation Post-Divorce

Dear Real Estate Agent,

Following my recent divorce, I am seeking a two-bedroom apartment that is child-friendly, as I will have shared custody of my two children. My priorities are safety, accessibility to schools, and a supportive community environment. I work as a nurse and have a steady income. Your guidance in this new phase of my life would be invaluable.

Patricia Hernandez

Sample 12: Request for Short-Term Rental Housing

Dear Property Manager,

I am looking for a short-term rental for a duration of six months while I am on a work assignment in this city. A furnished one or two-bedroom apartment would be ideal. My company is sponsoring my stay and can provide financial guarantees. A location near the business district would be preferred. Your prompt response would be highly appreciated as my assignment starts soon.

Robert Lee

Sample 13: Request for Housing Accommodation with Specific Amenities

Dear Landlord,

I am in search of an apartment that provides certain amenities, such as an in-unit washer and dryer, air conditioning, and a balcony. I work as a graphic designer and often work from home, so a quiet environment is also a priority. I am a responsible tenant with a good credit score and can provide references from previous landlords. Your assistance in finding an apartment that meets these criteria would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Emily Nguyen

Sample 14: Request for Housing Accommodation for a Large Family

Dear Housing Authority,

As the head of a family of six, I am seeking a spacious home with at least four bedrooms. Our requirements include a large kitchen, a backyard, and proximity to public schools. I am a government employee and my wife is a part-time librarian. We are responsible tenants with a stable family life and are looking for a long-term rental where we can raise our children.

Ahmed Khan

Sample 15: Request for Corporate Housing Accommodation

Dear Corporate Housing Provider,

I am writing on behalf of my company, XYZ Enterprises, to arrange corporate housing for our new employees relocating to this area. We require three two-bedroom apartments, fully furnished, for a period of six months. The apartments should be in a location convenient for commuting to our downtown office. We can provide all necessary corporate documentation and financial guarantees.

Susan Lee, Human Resources Manager


Each of these sample letters can be adapted to suit individual needs and circumstances, providing a framework for professional and effective communication in the housing accommodation request process. It is essential to be clear, concise, and courteous in these requests to facilitate a positive outcome.