20 Funny Responses to “Are You Pregnant?”

The question “Are you pregnant?” can sometimes pop up unexpectedly, often from well-meaning but misguided individuals. For those not wishing to divulge personal information or simply seeking to inject some humor into the situation, a witty response can be both disarming and effective.

In this article, 20 humorous comebacks to navigate this personal question with good spirits.

funny responses to are you pregnant

Funny Replies to “Are You Pregnant?”

Here are 20 funny replies to give anyone who asks if you’re pregnant without you answering the question and not coming across as being rude or dramatic.

Reply 1: The Budding Magician

“No, just practicing a new balloon swallowing trick. I’m still working on the ‘deflate’ part!”

This response is light-hearted and steers the conversation away from personal territory in a humorous way.


  • Inquirer: “Are you pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “Nope, just took up magic classes and this balloon trick is quite the challenge. Next week, I learn rabbits and hats – stay tuned!”

Reply 2: The Secret Agent

“I could tell you, but then, you know, I’d have to… you know. Secret agent stuff.”

Playing the role of a secret agent adds a touch of intrigue and a conspiratorial wink to the conversation.


  • Inquirer: “You look like you might be expecting. Are you pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “If I were, it would be classified information. Let’s just say, I’d have to enlist you in secret agent training if I disclosed that.”

Reply 3: The Future Fortune Teller

“My crystal ball says ‘Ask again later.’ It’s being very temperamental these days.”

Referencing a fortune teller’s vague predictions keeps the response playful and non-committal.


  • Inquirer: “So, are you pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “Ah, the spirits are unclear. The crystal ball is clouded today. Better luck next time!”

Reply 4: The Budding Novelist

“I’m not pregnant, but I am expecting… expecting to finish my novel. Now that’s a labor of love!”

This response cleverly diverts the topic to another type of ‘baby’ altogether – a creative project.


  • Inquirer: “You’ve got that glow about you. Pregnant, maybe?”
  • Respondent: “Not with a child, but with prose. My novel’s due date is approaching faster than a speeding stroller!”

Reply 5: The Diet Enthusiast

“No, I’m just really into this new diet. It’s called ‘Carbs and Happiness.'”

Using humor about eating habits can deflect the personal nature of the question in a humorous way.

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  • Inquirer: “You’re looking… um, is there a baby on the way?”
  • Respondent: “No, it’s the ‘Carbs and Happiness’ diet – it’s all the rage. The more you eat, the more you… grow!”

Reply 6: The Entrepreneur

“Nope, I’m just carrying around my latest venture. It’s a start-up in the belly sector.”

Equating a non-existent pregnancy to a start-up venture can give a humorous spin to the conversation.


  • Inquirer: “Got a little one on board?”
  • Respondent: “No little one, just incubating my next big project. It’s still in the first trimester of development though!”

Reply 7: The Treasure Hunter

“Not pregnant, just harboring a food baby. I’m expecting it to be a burrito.”

The mention of a ‘food baby’ can provide comic relief and gently correct the asker’s assumption.


  • Inquirer: “I was wondering, are you pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “Ah, I see what you mean. But no, that’s just the result of my treasure hunt at the Mexican restaurant. I’ve named it Burrito Jr.”

Reply 8: The Misunderstood Artist

“Oh, this? It’s my latest installation piece. I call it ‘Bloating: A Study in Form.'”

Framing body changes as an art project allows for a humorous yet clear clarification.


  • Inquirer: “Are you expecting?”
  • Respondent: “Expecting applause, perhaps! This is my avant-garde contribution to the art world. Very high concept, you know?”

Reply 9: The Confused Time Traveler

“No, I think I just accidentally set my time machine to the ‘Renaissance’ setting and ended up with this Botticelli figure.”

A whimsical nod to time travel and art history can steer the conversation toward lighter topics.


  • Inquirer: “Are you pregnant, or is it just me?”
  • Respondent: “Just you and perhaps a hiccup in my time machine. I’ve always fancied a Botticelli silhouette, though!”

Reply 10: The Proud Investor

“I’m not pregnant; I’ve just heavily invested in a burgeoning muffin top.”

Acknowledging body changes with humor regarding ‘investment choices’ can be an amusing response.

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  • Inquirer: “You’re looking…full. Pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “Oh, this little thing? It’s my latest investment – a promising muffin top with a high yield of comfort and joy.”

Reply 11: The Seasoned Gardener

“Not at all, I’m just cultivating a little pot…belly. My garden is very bountiful this year!”

Turning the question into a gardening joke can lighten the mood and bring a smile.


  • Inquirer: “Is there a baby growing in there?”
  • Respondent: “No baby, just a bit of a pot…belly. I’ve got quite the green thumb when it comes to growing that!”

Reply 12: The Aspiring Baker

“Pregnant? Oh no, just proofing my yeast rolls in this natural dough warmer.”

This response whimsically hints at baking jargon to explain away any bodily changes.


  • Inquirer: “You’re glowing! Are you pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “Glowing from the oven heat, maybe! I’m just proofing these rolls. The dough warmer here is top-notch.”

Reply 13: The Literary Enthusiast

“No, but I am carrying around a couple of bestsellers under my shirt—’War and Peas’ and ‘The Grapes of Snack.'”

Using book title puns demonstrates wit and a love of literature while sidestepping the personal question.


  • Inquirer: “You seem to be expecting. Are you pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “Nope, just my library of culinary classics. ‘War and Peas’ is quite the page-turner.”

Reply 14: The Holiday Reveler

“Not pregnant, just still unpacking my holiday food luggage. It was a long and delicious trip!”

Comparing weight gain to unpacking holiday luggage adds a seasonal twist to a light-hearted excuse.


  • Inquirer: “Looks like someone’s expecting a little present!”
  • Respondent: “Oh, the only present is the lingering spirit of the holiday feasts. Still unpacking that delicious trip!”

Reply 15: The Amateur Magician

“No, just working on a vanishing act. The rabbit disappeared just fine, but I can’t seem to shake the hat!”

Joking about a magician’s mishap allows for a whimsical deflection of the pregnancy question.


  • Inquirer: “Is that a baby bump I see?”
  • Respondent: “No baby bump, just a magician’s hat that I can’t seem to get rid of. Now, where did that rabbit go?”

Reply 16: The Not-So-Secret Admirer of Buffets

“Nope, just the end result of my love affair with the all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s a long-term relationship.”

This response playfully attributes any extra weight to an enthusiastic appreciation for good food.

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  • Inquirer: “Are you expecting, or is it my imagination?”
  • Respondent: “Your imagination might be influenced by my buffet enthusiasm. We’re very much in love.”

Reply 17: The Optimistic Surfer

“Not pregnant, just riding the wave of snack prosperity. It’s a swell season!”

Surfing terminology adds a fun layer to explaining one’s physique in a non-serious manner.


  • Inquirer: “You’ve got that pregnant glow!”
  • Respondent: “Not pregnant, just catching the big waves on the sea of snacks. It’s all about balance!”

Reply 18: The Mysterious Illusionist

“Pregnant? Oh no, it’s all part of the illusion. Wait until you see the next trick!”

Presenting oneself as a performer with tricks up their sleeve offers an enigmatic twist to the question.


  • Inquirer: “Are you hiding a little one under your shirt?”
  • Respondent: “It’s merely an illusion. Stick around for the grand reveal. No rabbits or babies, I promise!”

Reply 19: The Dedicated Researcher

“I’m not pregnant; I’m conducting a highly scientific study on gravity’s effect on my belly.”

Casting oneself as a dedicated scientist turns the conversation to humorous pseudo-academic pursuits.


  • Inquirer: “Are you by any chance pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “No, just deeply immersed in a gravitational study. The results are quite…groundbreaking.”

Reply 20: The Comfort Food Critic

“Pregnant? Nope, I’m just taking my role as a comfort food critic a bit too seriously. The things I do for culinary art!”

This response uses humor to attribute any physical changes to a fictional and amusing job title.


  • Inquirer: “You’re looking… um, well, are you pregnant?”
  • Respondent: “Not at all, I’ve just been very dedicated to my work as a comfort food critic. The recent cheeseburger exhibit was particularly engrossing.”

Using wit and humor to respond to personal questions like “Are you pregnant?” can be an effective way to maintain privacy while fostering a lighthearted interaction. The key is to keep the tone friendly and the humor gentle, ensuring that the conversation remains positive and respectful.